How well do you know your spouse?

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All these women are convinced that they know their significant others well...but they don’t. Read of the tales of women who wake up in bed in the middle of the to complete strangers!

There comes a time in every relationship when you begin to wonder who you are sharing your bed with; exactly.

Back in the day, maybe five…maybe 10 years ago, you were able to recite everything and anything that is worth knowing about your significant other. You know all about the way he likes his coffee in the morning, his turbulent relationship with his adoptive parents, his little puppy that was sent off to a ‘farm’ when he was 9-years-old and everything else in between.

But now, a decade after proclaiming your undying love for each other, you look into his eyes and realize that maybe…maybe you do not know him all that well after all. We here are not all for fear mongering, but if you ever look into your significant other’s eyes and see a glimpse of a stranger with a secret life instead…four out of 10 times, you might be right.

The one when he turns out to be gay…


34-year-old ad executive Serena Goh thought she had a good marriage and husband, and had always respected, her husband, Damien’s privacy.

Their courtship began after they met at a birthday party for a mutual friend. One year later, Damien proposed to Serena during a trip to Hong Kong. Another year later, they were happily married, and friends and family were sure their marriage would last.

Serena believed them.

As a sales manager, Damien often travelled for work with his colleague, Jeremy. They would usually hang out together doing “manly things” like chugging beer and watching soccer. Serena became suspicious when Damien started sleeping over at Jeremy’s place the night before a work trip and forbade her to pick him up at the airport.

Serena wanted to know why Damien spent so much time with Jeremy, but he told her to “get off his back”. When she enquired about Jeremy’s love life, Damien would flare up, asking if she read his text messages. But he would apologize later and claimed he loved her.

As a peace offering, Damien surprised Serena with tickets to Bali when things went really bad between them. But the trip was cancelled one week before they were to set off, when Damien claimed that he had to go on a work trip to Bangkok.

The next day after Damien flew off, Serena received a text message from a mutual friend that goes; “Hey, I saw Damien and Jeremy yesterday at the mall but I was in a rush and didn’t say hello to them.”

She rushed home to look through Damien’s laptop, and chanced on a folder where she discovered detailed and graphic e-mails between Jeremy and Damien about their illicit affair that dated back to six months. She confronted him about the emails as soon as he returned from his so-called ‘work trip’ and was met with feeble attempts of denial.

She left the house heartbroken and jaded, knowing that the man she loved has left her…for another man.

The one with a secret family…

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