Costume jewellery for children: How safe are they?

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Did you know that costume jewellery may pose hazards to your child? Find out more about the topic of costumer jewellery safety for kids, now.

Adorning your little girl’s outfit with costume jewellery is both fun and inexpensive, and many parents can’t resist picking up a pretty necklace or bracelet for their daughters when out shopping.

However, some costume jewellery may pose risks to children. Read on to learn about the hazards and pick up tips on how you can purchase safe costume jewellery.

Risks of costume jewellery for kids

1. Presence of heavy metals

Costume jewellery, including those manufactured for children, may contain toxic heavy metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium and nickel.

Little ones prone to sucking on objects can become exposed to these toxic heavy metals as they may leach out when the metal chain or pendant is chewed on or sucked. As lead has a sweet taste, young children may unknowingly continue to suck on the object.

These heavy metals are potentially harmful to a child’s health. For example, cadmium may affect the kidneys and the cardiovascular and skeletal systems. Lead may affect brain development in children and also damage the immune, reproductive and cardiovascular systems.


Long, beaded necklaces are pretty, but dangerous around your baby’s neck.

2. Risk of choking and strangulation

While that long, beaded necklace may look beautiful around your little princess’s neck, it may pose real risks of both choking and strangulation.

The long necklace around your little one’s neck can get caught on objects around the house, posing a strangulation risk. If the costume jewellery has clasps, ensure that objects will not be easily caught by the clasps.

We all know how infants and young children love putting things in their mouths. Parents who purchase costume jewellery with small pendants or beads attached to it should ensure that the beads or pendants do not easily break off when the child plays with the costume jewellery.

A shiny bead from a broken necklace can be popped in your little one’s mouth (without you even noticing), potentially choking her.

3. Scratches and other minor injuries

Jewellery with large stones, clasps, or sharp, pointy edges may scratch or injure your child.

4. Allergies

Some children are allergic to certain metals such as nickel, which are sometimes used in costume jewellery. While the allergic reactions are usually not serious, they can result in an itchy rash , or even blisters in severe cases.

Read about what all parents should keep in mind when it comes to their kids’ safety and purchasing costume jewellery, on the next page. Also learn about where you can find information related to unsafe costume jewellery in Singapore. 

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