Cool off your fears about fever

Fever is stressful for children and parents too. Help your little one be more comfortable with KOOLFEVER Cooling Gel Sheets and feel the worry fade away.

As parents, there is a tendency to panic when your child comes down with a fever. It hurts you to see your little one restless and in discomfort. And you fear the worst if the fever increases. Even the basic, mundane parts of dealing with a grumpy, demanding and restless kid are exhausting and frustrating . What they want is for mum or dad to make it all better.


Cold compresses on the forehead may take away the heat temporarily, and painkillers can reduce the fever. But many parents prefer a longer term, drug-free solution. That's where KOOLFEVER Cooling Gel Sheets come in. Number one in their category in Japan, these stick-on gel sheets can reportedly help bring down your kid's temperature.


Gentle to skin, each sheet has a moist, but not messy gel that absorbs and disperses heat as your child sleeps or rests. The sheets don't have to be cooled first- simply place one on your little one's forehead . The sheets are adhesive, so it will stay on even if your child is tossing and turning.



It's a winning solution for everyone: your child is made more comfortable; their fever feels reduced; and mum or dad can gel a well-deserved break from playing nurse.