Ask the Expert: Contraceptive methods for Busy Mums

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Do you have a question about long-term and short-term contraceptives? theAsianparent teams up with gynaecologist and doting dad Dr. Christopher Ng to enlighten busy mums on their birth control choices.


Singaporean mums are considered some of the most responsible family planners in the world. With a busy work life and high cost of living, many of them strive to provide well for their kids, which is why they put a premium on family planning.

If you’re one of them, then you know full well that aside from working hard to provide for your kids and to support your family lifestyle, you’re most likely also using a contraceptive method that helps you carefully plan for your next child.

Know Your Choices


While the Pill may easily be the most accessible and known contraceptive, its efficacy lies heavily on how regularly you use it. Considering that your current lifestyle hinders you from taking the Pill consistently or if you simply can’t for other reasons, then you may want to consider a long-term contraceptive method such as Intrauterine Contraception or IUC. 

IUC is just one of the many contraceptive methods that you can avail of. The best method for you is determined by your goals, lifestyle, health, and work environment. To select a contraceptive method perfect for your lifestyle, consult an expert who values your health as a mum and who aims to provide you with the necessary information needed to make an informed choice.

Ask and We Shall Answer

There are many myths and questions about the pros and cons of different contraceptive methods available that makes it all the more confusing for mums. We’ve invited Dr. Christopher Ng to answer your questions so as to make the whole topic less confusing.

Dr. Christopher Ng, Consultant O&G, is ready to provide answers to your questions about short- and long-term birth control methods, and clearing any doubts you have but has not the opportunity to ask your doctor. Many mums out there are looking for a safe, effective and fuss-free method.

Grab this opportunity and send in your question using the form on the next page.

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