A parent’s guide to fully prepare for travelling with kids

A parent’s guide to fully prepare for travelling with kids

Travelling with kids takes planning, not just the itinerary, but for whatever you might need during the trip. Read our tips.

Travelling with kids takes planning. Not just the itinerary, but making plans on what the kids would need and what you would need to cope with those little emergencies.

Cleanliness when travelling with kids

If you are like my husband, who is obsessed with cleanliness, this is definitely something for you to think about. Did you know that the airplane tray tables and seat belts are some places with the most germs and bacteria lurking around? Not exactly the thought you want to start off your holiday with, but hey, it is something to think about.

You might want to look at an anti-bacterial spray to give those areas a good clean. One that doesn’t require scrubbing so that you could be discreet about it and not appear like some freak trying to clean the entire airplane (not that anyone would complain I think!). Just spray, wipe and let dry.

Personally, I prefer an organic one. At least I know there are no toxic chemicals in case the kids decide to put their fingers in their mouths. For those travelling with younger kids, the organic anti-bacterial spray will also definitely come in handy for times when the pacifier or feeding spoon drops on the floor. Just spray, wipe, dry and use.

travelling with kids

L-R: Bio Shield Body Protectant, Buds Organics Travel sized Toy & multi-surface cleaner, Buds Organics Travel Sized Bottle & Utensil Cleanser, Buds Organics Everyday Cream, Little Innoscents Vapour Balm Behind: Bumkins Wet Bag Front: Red Charlotte Stuff Sack for Soft Structured Carriers (various designs)

Yes, there are hand sanitizers too. But what if there is something that actually protects even before you come in contact with these germs and bacteria? Actually, there is! It is a body protectant spray that forms a layer of protection on the skin and naturally destroy harmful germs and bacteria like HFMD, E-coli, Salmonella, etc, when they come into contact. No one wants to fall sick at the start of the trip. Be protected!

Time to change a diaper? You pull out a change mat, a couple of diapers, a pack of wipes, diaper cream and perhaps some moisturizer. Oh then you pick up the baby. And you hope you don’t fumble or drop anything. Diaper changing clutches, like JJ Cole’s, is a change mat with the works. It comes with pockets that allow you to fit a regular pack of wipes, slot some pieces of diapers and a tube of diaper cream. All you need to do is to grab the clutch and remember to pick up baby. The clutches are so stylish it is quite easy to forget that you are holding a diaper clutch, not a lady’s clutch.

travelling with kids

JJ Cole Diaper Change Clutch

What else do you have to keep in mind when travelling with kids?


Be ready for the weather and what comes with it when travelling with kids. Going to somewhere cooler, remember to keep those soft lips protected from the cold. But be selective as some lip balms are not suitable for young kids. For me, I chose an organic balm that not only protects the lips, but is also suitable to protect the baby’s skin. The balm works for adults too! If cracked lips are not fun for adults, they are definitely not fun for kids.

travelling with kids

Buds Organics Frost Defence

For trips to the tropical countries, be protected from mosquitos! Mosquito patch just isn’t that effective compared to something that is applied directly on the skin. For young kids, certain chemicals found on adult insect repellent may not be suitable. Try searching for organic or natural mosquito repellant instead.

travelling with kids

Buds Organics Mozzie Clear Lotion

Having fun

The fundamental principle of going on a trip is to have fun. So let the kids run and explore the environment. There are some stuff that you could prepare in advance to make sure that day is kept fun and hassle free. Pack a wet bag for the kids’ change of clothes and use it to contain the soiled ones. Wet bags are reusable, waterproof and keep all the smell contained inside the bag. Find one that doesn’t use the PUL lining as my experience is that these lining comes off after a while.

travelling with kids

Bumkins Wet Bag

Pack a snack or two for the kids. After running around, their thirst and hunger pangs would kick in and will start demanding for water and food, before they fall asleep (and the parents can finally sight-see).

Pre-pack some snacks into smaller containers so that each kid can have their own portion. Could try a snack catcher to prevent unwanted spillage. If you use food pouches, I strongly recommend the ChooMee Sip’N. It is a pouch top attachment that stops spills and mess. Fit the Sip’N on the food pouch and hand it over to your kids. No more feeding with a pouch spoon or be worried that they accidentally squeeze everything out.

For additional convenience when travelling with kids and they are up and running, get a stuff sack to neatly keep your baby carrier. Give your hips and shoulders a break. Not only that, the stuff sack with the rolled up baby carrier can double as a make shift bolster or pillow for your child.

travelling with kids

Red Charlotte Stuff Sack holding a Manduca Soft Structured Carrier

How should you prepare for minor accidents? Read on the next page!

Falls, bites, and cough

Disclaimer: I am referring to minor incidents in this section (exercise your own judgement on this). For major incidents, always seek medical attention.

During the trip, it is sometimes unavoidable that the kids (and adults) will sustain some minor scratches. Make sure you pack a little first-aid kit for the kids. For us, we always bring along an ‘organic first-aid kit’ which contains an antiseptic cream, an itch relief cream, and a vapor balm. The anti-septic cream contains tea-tree extracts which helps to heal minor cuts. The itch relief cream quite instantly soothes the itch, be it from a mosquito bite or a rash starting to breakout. The vapor balm is really useful for blocked nose or those pesky night coughs. Rub on the kids’ chest, back and feet to ease the nasal blockage or cough.

travelling with kids

L-R: Buds Organics Save Our Skin Lotion, Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream, Little Innoscents Vapour Balm

A family holiday is a time for the family to bond, connect and create new experiences. A well planned trip will certainty enhance the experience. So start planning away! The items mentioned in this article can be found on biglittleme.com

  • Buds Anti-bacterial spray
  • Bioshield
  • JJ Cole Diaper change clutch
  • Buds Frost Defence
  • Buds Mozzie Clear
  • Bumkins Wet bag
  • ChooMee Sip’N
  • Stuff Sack
  • Buds SOS
  • Little Innoscents Super Soothing Cream
  • Little Innoscents Vapor Balm

Do you have any tips when travelling? Feel free to chime in at the comments.

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