Recommendations for confinement food

Recommendations for confinement food

What do you enjoy most about confinement? Most moms say that it's the food that they enjoy the most. Experts tell new mothers to eat as much as they can to stay healthy and to keep their energy levels high.

foods to avoid

New moms should eat some foods that will be beneficial to them and the newborn, especially if breastfeeding is in the picture.

A breakfast of high-fiber cereal is a sure way to fill up the stomach and to prevent constipation. Since breastfeeding hormones slow down the intestines, eating cereals that contain "good bacteria" would be good as they can aid in digestion. If you want to shed off some pounds, then eat eggs for breakfast. Not only does it help you eat less throughout the rest of the day, it also contains choline that helps in a baby's brain development.

Eat salmon at least twice a week as it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, so it's heart-friendly. It's also good for your newborn as it helps in a baby's brain and eyesight development. You should also eat a lot of spinach as it's considered to be the most nutritious green-leafy vegetable. It contains folic acid, the nutrient that's responsible for the production of new blood cells. Also, it has manganese which is good for bone and cartilage development.

Chinese recommendations

Abalone is known to help cleanse blood and is rich in vitamin E and protein. Chinese rice wine can help promote blood circulation and invigorate major organ groups. Chicken can aid in boosting your mood and energy levels as it contains amino acid tryptophan. If you’re keen on reducing stress and improve blood circulation, try dried longan.

Don’t forget to up your fish intake: Dory can help milk production and is a great source of Omega-3 fats and protein that will aid in milk production and has fats essential for a newborn’s brain growth. Carp is also known to help increase milk production. If you want to strengthen your limbs and joints—take fish maw.

What foods have you been munching on after you gave birth? Is there anything that you can add to the recommended foods?

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