A brief comparison of cleaning products, as told by our cleaners

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Which cleaning products are the best? Find out from the ones who clean homes day in and day out!

Which cleaning products are best? That’s a question a lot of customers have asked us lately.

In managing hundreds of cleaners in Singapore per day, you can imagine that we have learned a thing or two about what products to recommend. That said, the answer depends on your preferences: are you cost-conscious or willing to pay a bit more for higher quality? Do you give priority to ‘green’ products? Do you want a few products or a complete kit? We’ve spoken to a number of the cleaners in our network to shed light on the question, and here’s what they said:

Best cost-conscious, all-in-one solution: CiF cream

Despite the variety of specialized cleaning products on the market, many people still like to rely on an all-around solution that doesn’t break the bank. This is especially true for our busiest cleaners – when cleaning for dozens of hours each week, a single solution can be a lifesaver.

Best value product: microfiber cloths

You have the right to be surprised; after all, it’s not a solution. But, consider for a minute how specialized the solutions have become compared to how neglected the tools for using the solutions have been – which is why most of our cleaners tell us to start by upgrading your cloths (which can be found at discount stores for less than the solutions) before anything else. Microfibre cloths are far and away the single most recommended item from our cleaners, by the way.

Best time-saving product: vacuum cleaner

When speaking about effective cleaning products, the conversation often reverted to how to save the most time, which almost always reverted to a vacuum cleaner. Except for the smallest apartments, vacuum cleaners can actually pay themselves off rather quickly – if you could shorten your home cleaning job by 20-30 minutes each time, you’d be saving close to $10 per job, which adds up quickly. Cleaners didn’t have a favorite brand, nor are they willing to carry one around to jobs, but they definitely believe it’s worth the investment.

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