5 Common skin problems during pregnancy and how to fix them

5 Common skin problems during pregnancy and how to fix them

Is the so-called "pregnancy glow" eluding you? Don't worry, you're not alone

So many speak of the “pregnancy glow,” which is when your face just becomes radiant and flawless as your hormones fluctuate. Sadly, for many of us, this does not apply. Instead of luminous, smooth skin, some of us get nothing but skin problems.

But we’ve got good news. These problems are temporary—your skin should soon go back to normal soon after you give birth (though this doesn’t happen immediately). Plus, you can easily treat these skin problems to make them less pronounced. Here are five common skin problems associated with pregnancy, and how to address them:

1. Hyperpigmentation

Also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” melasma causes brown to grey-brown patches on the face. You usually get them on your cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, and upper lip. To prevent discoloration, women should avoid the sun while pregnant and after giving birth. Get a big floppy sun hat, use an umbrella, and wear a lot of SPF.

You can also use gentle exfoliating scrubs and polishing kits that are specially formulated for damaged skin. You can also use products with bleaching agents. Opt for brands that use milder ingredients like Clinique and Neutrogena, but just to be safe, wait until you finish breastfeeding.

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2. Increased sensitivity

When you’re pregnant, your body will react differently to products that had once worked for you before. Scrubbing too hard could irritate your skin, and perfumed products could make you break out. Switch to unscented and hypoallergenic products.

3. Acne

Remember when your raging hormones caused you to break out back when you were in high school? Pregnancy skin will remind you of that. Plenty of acne products are unsafe to use during pregnancy, so consult with your doctor before using anything. You can use lactic acid, tea tree oil, or sulfur to treat your breakouts, and remember to wash your face daily with a mild cleanser.

4. Dry skin

Some moms get dry, itchy skin when they get pregnant. The key to addressing this is staying constantly hydrated. Use gentle, hypoallergenic lotions and moisturizers, and try using a humidifier in your bedroom at night.

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5. Stretch marks

Your skin’s elasticity is limited, so rapid weight gain or loss often leads to stretch marks. For most people, this depends on your genetics, but you can try to minimise their appearance by moisturising as much as you can.

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