Mummies, Stop Making These 6 Common Eyebrow Mistakes

Mummies, Stop Making These 6 Common Eyebrow Mistakes

Here it is: The Brow Code

Today’s beauty trends have finally recognised that it’s all about the eyebrow. And gone are the days of tadpole and too-thin brows—now, it’s all about full, well-kept brows that accentuate your face.

Your brows can make or break your look, which is why it’s important to be careful around them. Here are some common mistakes that plenty women often make when grooming their eyebrows.

1. Tweezing too infrequently.

If you wait one or two weeks before grooming your eyebrows, it’ll be more difficult for you to discern which hairs should go and which should stay. Make it easier for yourself by pulling a couple of hairs every single day.

But don’t go overboard! Which leads to our next no-no…

2. Over-plucking.

Ladies, it’s not 1995 anymore. No one wants to see razor-thin lines over your eyes. Again, just plucking one or two stray hairs every day is sufficient.

And don’t use a magnifying mirror, which only draws your attention to tiny hairs that “need” to be plucked—they don’t. Leave them be.

3. Trying to make them identical.

Remember: Your eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins. When you get too preoccupied with making your eyebrows look identical, it’s very likely that you’ll end up over-plucking them.

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4. Overdoing it with the makeup.

We know thick eyebrows are all the rage now, but going too thick and dark will leave your eyebrows looking drawn on and unnatural. Not a good look. Use small, light strokes throughout your brows and you’re good to go.

5. Placing your arch in the wrong place.

Many women look great with a strong brow arch, but if you put them too close to the center of your face, you’re just going to look angry.

Instead of willing an arch into being, work with what you have. If your arch isn’t too pronounced, look for a slight arch along the top edge of your brows accentuate it.

6. Cleaning up too much from the center.

When dealing with a monobrow, don’t go overboard. You want two distinct brows, yes, but you don’t want them to look too far apart. As a guide, you can hold a makeup brush or pencil vertically just outside the edge of your inner tear duct. That’s the farthest you should go.

(Lead photo: ByJeannine on YouTube)

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