Review: Clear Blue pregnancy test kit

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We review the Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Kit and tell you its disadvantages and advantages.

Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Kit

Our take on the Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Kit:

Clear Blue pregnancy test advantages:

– Clear blue is a pretty popular and trusted brand among Singaporeans.

– It is easily available online and in pharmacies.

– Results are very easy to read.

– The overall accuracy of the Clear Blue pregnancy test is said to be over 99% when used correctly.

– Unlike some pregnancy test kits, you do not have to use an early morning urine sample.

– Clear Blue gives the instructions for using a container, instead of peeing on the stick, which most of the other tests we have tried don’t include.

– Results are out in just 1 minute.

Clear Blue pregnancy test disadvantages:

– Pricier than other brands. It retails at about $18.00.

– Drinking excessive amounts before taking the test can dilute the hormone and make the test difficult to read.

– As with all home pregnancy test, Clear blue pregnancy test kit may not be accurate on the first day or so after a missed period because of natural variability in ovulation and when developing embryos attach themselves to the lining of the wombs.

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