Looking for a stylish, safe and versatile car for your family? Read this.

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Find out what safety- and family-friendly features a good family car should have...

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

After having kids, owning a family car is a must for many parents.

For many couples pre-kids, owning a stylish yet functional and practical car is a must. Most can still probably manage with this same car after having their first child.

However, once your family grows and you have more than one child, it makes perfect sense to want a bigger car. In fact, you could say that it’s an absolute necessity!

A family car is usually associated with numerous school drop-offs and pick-ups, after-school enrichment classes and tutorial sessions, loud sing-alongs to your kids’ favourite songs, fun family trips, and so much more. In essence… loads of happy memories!

Usually though, when you think of large families and vehicles, what often comes to mind is a large, battered van or old station wagon that has enough space for everyone to squeeze into, but doesn’t necessarily do so well in the ‘looks’ department.

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

A family car should have plenty of great safety features.

Such vehicles will probably not score too high when it comes to safety either.

The reality is many older vehicles don’t have features that help ensure your family’s safety while travelling — such as front and rear parking sensors, and blind spot monitoring systems.

So is it possible for those thinking of having a large family (or those who already have one!) to own a sleek, modern-looking and innovative vehicle, without compromising on safety and family-friendly features?

The answer is “yes!” — find out how on the next page!

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