Christmas stories and myths your child will love

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We guarantee your little one will be spellbound listening to these fascinating Christmas stories and myths...

Christmas falls on the 25th of December every year, and is recognized as an official holiday in Singapore. Even in countries like Japan or Thailand, where Christmas is not recognized as an official public holiday, it is still celebrated with pomp and elaborate decorations lighting up the streets.

Christmas is a great festival for kids. They are on the receiving end of many gifts and there are many activities lined up, from “snow” in Singapore to carolling and more.

To help your child understand more about the fuss that happens when 25th of December rolls around, these are some of the myths and legends behind the festival that your child should know about.

Regardless of your religious inclinations, most children love a good story, and Christmas stories are some of the best.

Nativity scenes are everywhere in malls during Christmas

Nativity scenes are everywhere in malls during Christmas

Birth of Jesus Christ

Christmas started off primarily as a Christian festival, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians and Catholics would be thoroughly familiar with this story, but non-Christian children will need to be told about this.

The nativity scenes with a baby doll surrounded by animals and in the midst of a stack of hay is a simulation of what could have happened during Jesus’ birth.

This scene is often recreated in malls as part of the Christmas decorations. Do explain to your child what it represents when you spot it and the significance of how such an important man could be born in such humble circumstances. (Find out more here).

What other stories are related to Christmas? Read on to find out.

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