Christmas gifts for Singapore's disadvantaged kids

Christmas gifts for Singapore's disadvantaged kids

Not every child is as lucky as our own as we plan for holidays and gifts. Find out how our society spreads the season's cheer to the less fortunate children around us.

This holiday season, as we feverishly shop for presents or mourn about how expensive our air tickets are, 150 Singaporean pupils were content to simply receive vouchers ranging from $20 to $40 to shop for school materials.

This initiative, called Pack my Backpack is a yearly event that is organised by the Sembawang Community Centre Youth Executive Committee to provide for children who are disadvantaged to ensure that they have enough materials to start the new school year.

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Image on the left: MP for Sembawang GRC Mr Khaw with the children at Northpoint mall’s Popular bookstore as they shopped for school materials ahead of the new school year. Image on the right: A young Singaporean from the Sembawang YEC bringing happiness to little ones through their “Pack My Backpack!” Project last year.

Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan who is a Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC joined the children in this happy shopping event.

Although this is not a new event, this year’s giving was different and more special for the kids because they got to choose the things they wanted from Northpoint’s Popular outlet. Last year, committee volunteers packed bags of storybooks and stationery for the children, and delivered them to their homes.

“But we received feedback that there were some things that people needed but were not able to get,” said committee chairman Gillian Goh, 25

The disadvantaged kids of Sembawang were not the only ones benefiting from the good cheer of the holiday season in Singapore.

Fifty children of vulnerable residents living in three-room apartments in Hong Kah North got presents as well. This is part of the Adopt-A-Precinct initiative.

Similarly, the gift-giving was structured such that the children got to choose what they wanted.

Muhammad Nur Irfan, 10, who received a Lego set, said: “I wished for a Lego set so that I can build my favourite aeroplanes!”

It is indeed heartening to know that we live in a society which remembers the less fortunate children and attempts to give them a happy childhood during this holiday season.

As parents,we need to remember that not every child in Singapore could be as fortunate as our own. As individuals, we, too, can do our part by making donations or volunteering at any of the charitable organisations.

Let’s spread the Christmas cheer!

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