Chris Hemsworth says the set of 'The Huntsman: Winter’s War' was like a big day care center

Since most of the cast are parents, naturally the set would be filled with kids. Chris Hemsworth tells us more

Australian hot dad, actor Chris Hemsworth has packed up his Thor costume and has donned his huntsman attire yet again for another instalment of the Huntsman series.

The latest film, which is a prequel to ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’, also stars Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, and Jessica Chastain.

“We had all our kids on set most days, chasing each other round with weapons which doesn’t tend to happen at most childcare centers,” he told the BBC, of the homey vibe on the set.

Chris Hemsworth’s daughter, India Rose, had a hard time separating make-believe from reality. Chris shared, “My daughter went to school and would tell people her dad works in a castle!”

He has two other kids: Tristan and Sasha.

Charlize Theron who plays Ravenna in the film has two kids, Jackson, 4 and August, 1.

chris hemsworth

Chris with India Rose at a 2015 Polo Match where Kate Middleton and Prince William were also in attendance (source: Mirror UK)

His co-star Emily Blunt gave birth to her daughter Hazel in 2014 and is expecting her second child with fellow actor John Krazinski.

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The new mum, who plays Freya (the Ice Queen) in the film, told BBC that playing a particular scene, where she loses her child, “affected her really deeply”.

She adds that she found those scenes: “just so upsetting and really, really shocking to do.”

“I think when you become a mother you are able to engage emotionally in a way that you just have a better understanding of what it would feel like,” she shared.

But what she loved most about playing Freya is her character’s transformation after this tragedy. “You meet the origin of this character, as a very normal girl who just wanted to fall in love and have a baby and lead a simple life, and yet she goes through this traumatic experience of losing a child in a really awful way, and it just shifts her into a complete 180.”

She credits the “three very empowered, layered, dynamic female roles” for pushing her to say yes to the project.

“It’s really unusual within a film to have such powerhouse characters in it for women, so that was huge,” she said.

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