How to choose the best English enrichment programme for your child

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If you’re looking to improve your child’s English language skills, there are 5 factors to consider when deciding on the right English enrichment programme. Read on to find out what these are.

Although there are four official languages in Singapore, English is the language of business, government, and the medium of instruction in schools. It is also referred to as a “world language” as it is so widely spoken globally. Therefore, having a certain level of mastery of the English language has become somewhat of a necessity for us all.

It may sound easy and straightforward, but English – with its complex rules on grammar, spelling and pronunciation – can be hard to grasp for some children, especially those coming from homes where Singlish is spoken.

So how do we ensure that our children are given a strong foundation in the English language? It starts at home, of course, and is as simple as constantly speaking to our children in standard English and providing them with children’s books written in the language as well.

It isn’t just children coming from bilingual or multilingual homes that may require specialised help when it comes to learning English. Even those from English-speaking families struggle with the language. So finding the right English enrichment programme that utilises effective teaching methods and provides a nurturing and conducive learning environment is vital.

English enrichment in SIngapore

Kids from both English-speaking and multi-lingual backgrounds need help to master the English language. Finding the right programme for English enrichment in Singapore is vital

English enrichment in Singapore – Where to go?

To steer parents in the right direction, we have approached the education experts at LiteracyPlus, which boasts 17 years of experience in successfully providing English Language and Literature programmes for children.

Since LiteracyPlus was founded in 1997 by director Mrs June Imada Lee, this Singapore English enrichment provider has amassed a proven track record, serving more than 150,000 students in over 145 schools.

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