Post-PSLE: Tips On Choosing A Secondary School In Singapore

Post-PSLE: Tips On Choosing A Secondary School In Singapore

It's that time of the year again- PSLE results will be out tomorrow. Check out some pointers for choosing the right secondary school.

So, this year's PSLE results will be out tomorrow, and for many parents, tonight will be one anxious, sleepless night. But what next? According to the Straits Times, parents and primary 6 pupils have a week to decide on their secondary school options. The option forms will have to be submitted by Wednesday, 30th November 2016.

Here are some factors and pointers to consider when it comes to choosing a secondary school in Singapore:

  • Refer to the Choosing Your Secondary Schools booklet : This booklet is issued by the Ministry of education for use by all Primary 6 students. It contains important information like a school's location, programmes and co-curricular activities (CCAs), as well as the range of PSLE T-scores of students across various streams in schools.
  • Assess your child: Consider schools whose environment and cultural values resonate with your child's character and style of learning. Focus on schools with programs that cater best to your child's strengths and interests.
  • Compare academic standards: Parents are usually well aware of the academic stress that their child is capable of coping with. The PSLE results would be a good barometer in judging your child's academic strengths and weaknesses. This is an important criteria for choosing a secondary school in Singapore, as the child has to live with this decision.
  • Listen to your child : Many parenting experts are of the opinion that the child's opinion should be given utmost importance when it comes to the choice of secondary school.

Discuss school choices with your child. Focus on not just the academic aspects but also on the school's environment and the various programmes and CCA's that it offers. Make sure that your child understands that he will have to be responsible for the consequences of his choice.


  • The home-school distance : The closer the school is from home, less time is spent on travelling, it's as simple as that. This obviously means that your child will be less tired, and have more energy to focus on studies.
  • Attend open houses : Open houses are a good way of knowing whether a school's culture and programmes match up to your expectations. Even after the PSLE results get released, some schools hold open houses, so do keep an eye out for them.For dates of school open houses:  Open House Dates For Secondary Schools 2016
  • Affiliated schools: 27 secondary schools are affiliated to primary schools. If your child is in one of those primary schools and wishes to continue in the affiliated secondary school, please indicate that as your primary choice.
  • O Levels or Integrated Programme (IP)? : In today's times, there are so many options to consider. Sit down and discuss with your child on whether he/she prefers the O level framework or the Integrated Programme model, wherein the A levels are more significant.
  • Specialised schools : If your child is especially brilliant in arts, science or sports, you might want to consider specialised schools, which focus on these areas. Some specialised schools are School of the Arts, The Singapore Sports School and The School of Science and Technology.
  • Special needs schools : For dyslexic or autistic students, it is advisable to consider secondary schools which have the necessary experience and resources.

Ultimately it is important to assure your child that no matter what school he gets into, there is no cause for concern, especially in wake of the recent suicides in Singapore . As long as you are learning something new and trying your best, things are going to be just fine.

(Source: The Straits Times)

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