7 things chill mums definitely don’t do

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The motherhood experience is different for every one. There is a certain type of mom, though, who is relaxed and happy: the chill mom.

When it comes right down to it, the motherhood experience is different for everyone. You can however, categorise moms of the world into three types:

1. The Hyper Mom – Also known as the Helicopter Mom. She is over protective, over involved, and constantly hovering over her child to make sure everything goes 100% smoothly.

2. The Hot Mess Mom – She’s lucky if she manages to get her kids up in time before she drives them recklessly to school…in her inside out shirt. (To be fair, this is usually because she is running on four hours of sleep because she also works long hours.

3. The Chill Mom – The mom that never seems to get frazzled in her motherhood, handles life in stride, and helps her kid grow confident and happy.

Have you wondered what’s the secret of The Chill Mom? Since I owned a blog and a business called The Chill Mom, I believe I have some say in this. It’s rather simple. When it comes down to it, I’m just like any other moms who want keep their children happy, healthy, safe, and eventually productive members of society.

Now, let’s take a look at the 7 Things Chill Moms DON’T Do, shall we?

1. Compare her motherhood

She’s confident and doesn’t feel the need to compete with other moms in the motherhood game. It’s easy to get sucked into comparing yourself with others, especially when lives are all on display over social media these days. But she doesn’t go there. She knows that she’s doing her best and assumes that everyone else is doing the same.

2. Compare her kids

She’s not only confident in herself, she’s confident in her children. Her utmost concern is that her child is happy and healthy. She doesn’t have time to worry if her child sleeps too much, drinks too little milk, start talking too late compared to Timmy, Amaya, or Deandre. She understands that each child’s development milestone is unique.


What else do chill moms do to keep chill? Read on the next page!

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