Postnatal weightloss: Options to get back in shape

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Are you stuck with extra kilos after giving birth to you baby? Read this article to find out what you can do to promote postnatal weightloss...

postnatal weightloss

How do you get rid of those unwanted postnatal kilos? Find out about postnatal weightloss

Pregnancy are childbirth are wonderful experiences that every woman should be proud of. After all, you’ve just carried a baby in your womb for 9 months and given birth to a perfect new life — pretty amazing.

But after you have your baby, you may find that your body has changed — your thighs, hips and belly may be larger and perhaps you feel your arms are flabby. And is your bottom really yours?!

Many women hope they’ll be able to get back to their pre-natal shape and size as soon as the baby is born. But chances are it may take you much longer than you think!

After all, you’ve had 9 consecutive months of body changes where your uterus swells up, your skin stretches to almost 20 times its normal size, and you carry extra litres of excess bodily fluids.

To get back in shape, drastic options — for example, crash dieting — for a new mother are not recommended as both you and your baby need optimal nutrition. Given this, skipping meals is also not a good idea to achieve postnatal weightloss.

Yoga Bridge Pose

Yoga is not recommended immediately after childbirth for postnatal weightloss. Do check with your doctor when you can commence activities like yoga

Slimming pills and meal replacement are also definite no- nos, especially if you are breastfeeding. You may not suffer any side effects but you would not want to risk having any of these potentially harmful ingredients passed on to your baby.

While the adult body may process the chemicals, the baby’s digestive is far more fragile.

You may be thinking, “what about about yoga and other forms of exercise?” However experts advice to take it easy when it comes to exercise immediately after childbirth.

The accepted guidelines to resuming an exercise programme are approximately 1 month after natural birth and 2 months after a C-section.

So what options are we left with to help with postnatal weightloss?

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