Why you need to talk to your child about sexual abuse now!

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Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime that can be stopped if we all work together. In this article, find out what you, as parents, can do to spread awareness and take steps to stop the sexual abuse of children.

child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse must stop now! Be informed and aware and teach your child about it .

The sexual abuse of children is a topic none of us as parents wish to think about.  But unfortunately, we must educate ourselves about it at some point, so that we can educate our kids. This education is crucial because of how easy it has become for abusers to zone in on children these days.

Before technology became so advanced, the only way predators could target their victims was through getting to know them personally, face-to-face. Now, with an abundance of Internet chatrooms and other online platforms that kids can easily access, it has become so much easier for predators to make our children their victims. Reports also abound of strangers using children’s photos for nefarious purposes.

And if you thought paedophilic strangers are the most common perpetrators of sexual abuse, think again. According to child sexual abuse statistics published by the National Center for Victims of Crime based in Washington, DC, abusers are often people well-known to and trusted by the child.

With all this disturbing information, it’s definitely time to arm yourself with knowledge to prevent child sexual abuse and learn how to talk to your kids about it too.

What is child sexual abuse?

The Health Promotion Board of Singapore (HPB) defines the sexual abuse of children as “when someone touches the child’s private parts without a health or hygiene reason… this can include kissing or having oral, anal or vaginal sex.”

However, UK-based child sexual abuse awareness organisation Stop It Now! says that sexual abuse goes beyond “penetration, force, pain or even touching.”

They say that “if an adult engages in any kind of sexual behaviour (looking, showing or touching) with a child to meet the adult’s sexual needs, it is sexual abuse.” This includes the manufacture, distribution and viewing of child pornography.

Child sexual abuse can have absolutely devastating effects on a child that may last for a lifetime. Learn more on the next page. 

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