Childproof your balcony with Anti Grabbity safety strips

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Safer home with Anti-Grabbity - an easy install and cost effective safety strips from Australia.

High-rise living is a standard part of life in Singapore and families with kids always shudder at the thought of their littlies venturing a little too far out of the window. Commonly, toddlers are capable of acing the art of scaling obstacles that even Indiana Jones himself would find insurmountable.

Child safety window protection is definitely needed in high-rise houses in Singapore

Balcony window & a climbing toddler

Staying together with a boisterous 2.5 year old toddler posed a challenge for me because he is still   spending most of his time at home and I’m a full time work-from-home mum. On top of having to hustle through household chores, fulfilling article deadlines, I had to also keep an eye on him all the time to make sure he stay safe from the windows and not endanger himself in any ways.

Beginning of last year, we moved to an old Condo apartment where the main road is just a stone’s throw away. With the benefit of great views from our unit, we also have a large enclosed balcony with sliding windows that connect to the floor. We enjoy this feature as the cool wind from the open window brings in enjoyable sea breeze from the nearby East Coast Park. The sliding window separates into two portions however, and only the bottom portion has window grills.

My son’s favourite playtime spot at our Balcony space

Very often, I would caught my son leaning precariously by the balcony’s window, to wait for my husband to return home from work. Therefore, to childproof our balcony window was an urgent pin on the list. Any precautions that can be taken was definitely worth trying.

The curious little one standing near the balcony window

Anti Grabbity balcony safety strips

Right on time, I was introduced to a balcony safety device – Anti Grabbity from Australia which happens to be less costly and easier to install than any other child safety window installations found in Singapore!

Without any hesitation, I was eager to give it a try and even more so after I found out that the inventor and director of Anti Grabbity – Hollie Bell is actually a mum herself too!

Anti Grabbity package comes with cable ties, glue dots and pieces of the prickly textured strips

Child safe

Invention of the balcony safety strips came about with a simple mindset to keep her children safe from the balcony. Anti Grabbity is a flat transparent prickly textured plastic strip that fits on the top of a railing in a couple of minutes using cable ties or glue dots. The thought of having this on the balcony will make it extremely hard and uncomfortable for small children to lean on or pull themselves up. It could effectivity keep even the most boisterous toddler safely indoors.

Anti Grabbity is a flat transparent strip that has prickly textured that can be fix on the balcony railings.

Find out why Anti-Grabbity is the best solution for Childproofing your windows and balcony – click on the next page!

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