Glass door falls on toddler: Safety warning for parents

Glass door falls on toddler: Safety warning for parents

WARNING: This article contains a distressing video

Even the most cautious and careful parents of toddlers should take this story as an eyeopener and a warning. Recently, a three-year-old toddler was with her family in a shopping mall. Out of the blue, a glass sliding door falls on the her, and the child gets crushed...

Child Gets Crushed Beneath Glass Door and Survives!

The CCTV footage that was taken of the incident that happened in China shows the little girl following a woman who is presumed to be a close relative, into a shopping mall. Shortly after the child enters, one of the doors suddenly starts to give way and falls.

The older woman doesn't have any time to react as the heavy glass door falls on the young girl. The woman can also be seen looking worried as the child gets crushed, but she's helpless since the door was too heavy and fell too fast.

The toddler was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was treated for skull fractures, but other than that, she seemed to be okay. The girl is currently recovering in the hospital.

Reports say that the shopping mall was built only last year. 

The video has since gone viral in China, and has netizens asking if safety measures in China are adequate. This is due to the fact that there have been numerous cases of children being injured, and some even dying as a result of faulty construction in malls and buildings.

You can watch the video below:

Safety Tips When You're Out and About with Your Kids

Here are some important reminders that parents should always keep in mind, especially when they're out and about with their little ones:

1. Keep your kids close, and always keep an eye out for them

Children love to run around, and they can sometimes have a habit of running away from you. Make it a point to always keep them at arm's length, and make sure you can always see your child.

2. Teach your kids to be careful on escalators

Escalators are notorious for causing injuries and accidents in children. Make sure to follow the safety rules when riding an elevator, and don't let your kids sit on the steps.

3. Keep your child company if they want to go to the bathroom

Kids can easily get lost in the bathroom, so it's best to go with them if they want to go to the bathroom.

4. Make sure to have a meeting place they can go to in case they get lost

In case your child does get lost, make sure to teach them where they can go in an emergency. That way, you will have a meeting place which both of you can easily get to.

5. Your children should know your contact details 

Lastly, your kids should know your full name, address, phone number, and other important information. This will help them in case they get lost.

Mums and dads, it's always better to be safe than sorry. We advise that especially when out and about with toddlers, you hold their hands at all times. Never let them play near those sliding doors you find in malls either. 


Source: GB Times

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