Teacher loses control and abuses a child by biting her on the bum

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What was he even thinking?

Parents place a lot of trust in teachers to be role models to our children since they spend most of their time in school. We trust that the teachers will give them a good education and protect our children from harm. So it’s especially shocking to hear of a child abused by teacher.

Child abused by teacher through a bite on the bum

child abused by teacher

Child abused by teacher, Jonathan William Herbert | Image source: Daily Mail screengrab

In a recent case, a teacher was charged with child abuse after biting his female student on the butt. The bizarre incident happened earlier this year in Georgia, United States. The 14-year-old girl was reported to be swimming when the male teacher swam underwater and bit the child’s butt as reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The man was identified as 30-year-old Jonathan William Herbert. Many witnesses saw him dive underwater and commit the perverted act. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he was reported to offer US$200 to a police officer “with the purpose of influencing him in the performance of his official duties.” 

In his court hearing on Friday 14 December, the 30-year-old admitted to his actions apparently without remorse. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and four years of probation. 

The former teacher quit his job on 1 August. He is not allowed to teach during his probation and has to avoid going anywhere “where children congregate.”

He was charged with public intoxication and bribery after the strange incident. As a result, he will have to attend two alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs. He will also be subjected to two drug tests per month over the entire probation period.

Should the former teacher pass his probation according to these terms, his case will be discharged “without court adjudication of guilt.”

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