Cheryl Wee makes surprise pregnancy announcement at son's first birthday party!

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"My sister and I are only 19 months apart so I’ve always told myself that I want to have another child close to the first..."

We have just come across some great news. Cheryl Wee (actress-entrepreneur, and daughter of beauty maven Jean Yip) has announced that she is expecting her Baby No. 2! 

Cheryl made the exciting announcement at her son Marc’s first birthday party. She posted a picture on Instagram on 20 April 2019, holding up a toddler-sized T-shirt that read, “I May Only Be 1, But I’m going to be a KOR KOR (older brother)!”

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Cheryl Wee’s second baby on the way

Cheryl, who is married to architect Roy Fong, gave birth to her first child (son Marc) on Apr 26, 2018, just one day after her 31st birthday.

She had revealed that, “Getting sick because of morning sickness and actually getting sick“, were the worst parts of her pregnancy. 

She had also shared on Instagram that, “Going into labour and opting for a natural delivery was one of my biggest fears.”

Cheryl Wee's second baby


Cheryl Wee’s second baby seems to be planned. She had recently told Toggle that, “I really want to have a second baby. My sister and I are only 19 months apart so I’ve always told myself that I want to have another child close to the first, so that while growing up, (Marc) will have someone to play with or bully – whichever way it’ll end up being.” 

If you have been following Cheryl on social media, you’ll know how much she’s enjoying her role as mummy. The celebrity regularly shares tips and lessons she has learnt from her parenting journey.

“This is definitely the happiest I’ve been. I never expected it, but having a baby made me happy – really happy,” she tells Toggle.

Cheryl Wee's second baby


“Being married made me happy, and having a baby made me even happier, so right now, I’m the happiest I’ve been in recent years.”

Cheryl also says that apart from giving her a precious little life to care for and protect, motherhood has made her love herself a lot more.

“I used to have an eating disorder, and I struggled with wanting to become thinner all the time. I’ve overcome that, but this time, when my body changed the way it did when I got pregnant, I really learned to accept and love myself a lot more. I’d say that it was a blessing, one that came totally unexpectedly, but one that I needed.”

Here’s wishing Cheryl Wee a peaceful and stress-free second pregnancy!

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