A woman runs a business by helping wives beat up their cheating husbands' mistresses

A woman runs a business by helping wives beat up their cheating husbands' mistresses

This woman tracks mistresses and "punishes" them...

If you suspect your husband of having an affair, then you might want to call the “mistress killer.” Yes, you read that right! She is not a superhero, neither is she the police. But she is the only one who can expose your cheating husband and give you the opportunity to humiliate his mistress.

Believe it or not, but a woman in China dubbed as the “mistress killer” runs this strange yet highly successful business.

The “mistress killer” is taking over China!

Zhang Yufeng, started her journey as the “mistress killer” in early 1990. At the time, she found her own husband cheating on her and decided to seek revenge.

Speaking to The Global Times , Yufeng revealed that rather than losing her own self to pity, she decided to hunt down her husband and his mistress. She said that at the time, both of them were moving homes in a desperate attempt to run away from her.  

While she continued to track down her own cheating husband, another woman approached her seeking help in bringing her cheating son-in-law to justice.

Since there was no evidence against the man, taking Yufeng’s help was the only option for the old woman and her daughter. Unfortunately, before Yufeng could help her, the young wife committed suicide. 

Her death, in a way, gave a new purpose to Yufeng. “I told the woman that I would ruthlessly exterminate those men,” Yufeng told The Global Times.

cheating husbands

“Those who don’t dare to beat will develop diseases including esophageal cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer,” Yufeng believes. | Image courtesy: YouTube screengrab/ Shanghai List

Along with nine other friends who went through the same problem, Yufeng set up Fire Phoenix Agency in 2003. 

Yufeng spares no cheating husband 

Yufeng’s buisness has been running successfully for over two decades. And with rising divorce cases in China, she hopes to make it more successful. She not only identifies the mistresses but also gives the victimised wives the opportunity to come face-to-face with them.

Yufeng sometimes even gives them tips on how to beat mistresses and humiliate them in public. She believes that victimised wives should continue this trend. 

cheating husbands

The “mistress killer” does not spare any mistress.

“Those who don’t dare to beat will develop diseases including esophageal cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer,” she reportedly told the media outlet. It remains to be seen if the authorities also believe the same. 

But one thing may be clear — Yufeng’s method of bringing the mistresses to justice does not exactly scream “female empowerment.”

If you suspect your husband is cheating, you may want to first clear the air and then seek justice through proper channels. Also, you can’t clap with one hand, meaning, it’s not just the mistress who is the wrongdoer. 

5 ways to tell if you have a cheating husband 

As mentioned in our previous article, you must first look out for these clues if you are suspicious and think your husband is cheating on you.

1. Is he obsessed with his looks? 

Notice if your man suddenly becomes overly concerned with his looks. It could be that he is coming out of the closet, going through a midlife crisis or he is cheating on you. Either way, it’s trouble.

Observe his sudden change in grooming habits — a new cologne, a gym obsession, a spunky hairdo or a spiffy new wardrobe. He might be acting like a teenager going on his first date!

2. Does he suddenly have too much work? 

You’ll be hearing this a lot too. Watch out for sudden changes to his work schedule. Is he working late every night or travelling when he did not need to before?

Are his ‘work commitments’ never within work settings? Does he snap at you when you question him? Of course, what cheating man wants you to know of his whereabouts? If so, it might be correct for you to be suspicious. 

3. Does he often run off to answer ‘urgent calls or emails?’ 

Is he taking calls at irregular hours of the day or night? He may be deliberately dropping his voice or answering in a softer tone when taking the call.

Loud warning bells should go off by now especially if your husband suddenly begins to excuse himself to talk privately. Notice if he spends too much time on the computer, answering emails or replying to Facebook comments (that are not yours).

4. Is he secretive about his phone?  

He might be password protecting his cell phone, computer, email and or Facebook account.

The main way that trysts are found out is through the discovery of incriminating emails, or cell phone texts. So if he’s being unfaithful, he will guard his gadgets or get defensive when you innocently touch his phone or computer.

5. Does he want more space and no sex from you?

Another symptom of infidelity — a change in sexual desire. Cheating husbands will often stop having sex with their wives or want to have more.  The latter is usually to assuage their guilt.

A man who has betrayed his marriage covenant may act aggressively towards his wife. He might even fight spontaneously and try to find faults in you. This is all to justify his affair.

If you notice that your husband has a sudden change in attitude towards you or your family, it’s time to talk to him directly and get to the root of it. 


Source: Shanghaiist

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(All images courtesy: YouTube screengrab/ Shanghai List)

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