10 unbelievable deals on toys and more from Taobao!

10 unbelievable deals on toys and more from Taobao!

Look no further than Taobao for your Christmas shopping!

Like most people, we love the comfort of online shopping and with Christmas just around the corner, we even have an excuse for it!

Have you heard of the gold mine for cheap toys that is Taobao? We were amazed by all the great deals they have so we've rounded up some of our favourites to give you some ideas for stocking stuffers or small gifts for the upcoming holidays Season!

1. Adorable hair clips $2.20

We loved these themed-hairclips that are the perfect accessory for your little princess. They're available in a dozen different themes that we think make them perfect year-round!

cheap toys taobao

2. Sand painting $3.45

This set comes with 15 sheets to fill in. This unique activity would be super fun for your little one's next birthday party (as long as you don't mind it getting a bit messy!). One thing that helps reduce the messiness is that there is no glue needed. You just peel off each of the sections and then put the colour of sand that you want over that area.

cheap toys taobao

3. Lazy gudetama nightlight $1.98

How cute is this? This lazy gudetama nightlight will give some soft lighting to your little one's room that will keep them feeling safe and cozy but won't disrupt them from sleeping.

cheap toys taobao

4. Super cute character-themed backpacks $4.70

Your little one will be super excited to go to school every day with one of these backpacks with their favourite character on it. We think the best ones are the Minion and Hello Kitty themed ones, but the ladybug is adorable too!


cheap toys taobao

5. Giant stuffed bear $5.18

These stuffed bears are between 1.6 and 2.2 metres tall! They would be an adorable decoration for a baby shower, or just to put in your infant's room. We can imagine toddlers having a ball playing with one of these guys as well!

cheap toys taobao

6. Hello Kitty xylophone $10.49

Nurture your little one's inner musician with this colourful Hello Kitty-themed xylophone. 

cheap toys taobao

7. Kid's ukelele $2.72

Another option for encouraging your little budding musician, you could get both and start an adorable kid's band! These ukeleles are available in standard colours and fruit designs, and we just cannot decide which ones are cuter!

cheap toys taobao

8. Unicorn soft toys $5.60

These unicorn plushies come in different sizes and colours and we think they would look adorable as decorations on the bed (and to cuddle with at night!). We figure there is no such thing as too many soft toys, especially when they are so reasonably priced!

cheap toys taobao


9. 5-tier hanger $1.95

Finally, you can organize your closet so that your pants and scarves take up space vertically rather than horizontally! And best of all, once you've reorganized your closet, you have a great excuse to go shopping again! One of our TAP colleagues recently bought a similar item here in Singapore for $16!!

cheap toys taobao

 10. four-pack of notebooks $0.78

These beautiful notebooks will do wonders for helping you keep important information organized, or just to keep track of all the milestones in your family's busy lives! The patterns are so pretty, we're planning to get a few sets to help keep us organized!

cheap toys taobao

Have you bought anything from Taobao? What's the best deal you've seen on there?

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