Charming names for baby boys from all across the globe

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Having trouble coming up with an amazing name for your son? Let this list of exotic and charming names from countries all across the globe be your source for the perfect name!

Naming your son can be tough. Typically, parents want something that’s masculine, full of rich culture and history, cool and unique, and just pleasing to the ear. Luckily, the charming and exotic names on this list meet those qualifications!

We’ll take a look at a number of unique and enticing baby boy names broken down country by country. Hopefully, after checking out this list of different names you’ll have found a winner!

Irish names for baby boys:

  • Ronan
  • Bran
  • Connor
  • Killian
  • Aiden
  • Sean
  • Finn
  • Brayden
  • Rylan
  • Liam


Spanish names for baby boys:

  • Javier
  • Hugo
  • Dante
  • Felix
  • Jax
  • Mateo
  • Diego
  • Julio
  • Joaquin
  • Alejandro


Looking for more names from different cultures and countries? Check out the rest of the list by clicking next!

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