Charmaine Sheh Explains 17-Year ‘Feud’ With Gigi Lai

Charmaine Sheh Explains 17-Year ‘Feud’ With Gigi Lai

Charmaine Sheh (right) and Gigi Lai in 2021.

Onscreen rivals but real-life friends? That is the case for Hong Kong actresses Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai after reports in 2004 claimed that the pair were feuding.

On the recent episode of Chinese talk show Memories Beyond Horizon, Charmaine was asked about the biggest misunderstanding she’s experienced.

She wrote: “That Gigi Lai and I aren’t on good terms.”

Both Charmaine, 47, and Gigi, 51, played rivals in the period TVB drama War and Beauty back in 2004, and one iconic scene saw Charmaine pulling Gigi by the hair and pushing her down the stairs.

It also didn’t help when Gigi won Best Actress at the 2004 TVB Anniversary Awards for that drama serial, beating out co-stars Charmaine and Sheren Tang.

That was when, according to Charmaine, that media reports said the actresses weren’t on good terms.

However, they have always been friends, she clarified.

She also said that they didn’t feel the need to address the misunderstanding back then, even if social media platform Weibo existed.

“I wouldn’t have,” Charmaine shared. “We’re not that kind of people. We just know between ourselves that we’re fine. We won’t explain because we’re discreet people.”

The only time the actresses ‘addressed’ the situation was when they met for a meal in 2021 and took a photo together — 17 years after the incident.

Both Charmaine and Gigi shared the photo on their respective Weibo account.

Charmaine also commented on Gigi’s post and wrote: “I might not meet this friend often, but whenever we do, it feels like [the last time we saw each other] was just yesterday! Gigi Lai’s still as gorgeous as ever!”

This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

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