Cervical cancer prevention through vaccination and screening

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Keep reading for some crucial information on how regular screening and vaccination can prevent cervical cancer.

Cancer survivor May Tiong, 47, had no idea she had cervical cancer prior to being diagnosed.

Although she was uninformed about cervical cancer and its risks, May kept going for regular Pap smear tests since she had her daughter Wen Ning 23 years ago.

However, May missed her scheduled Pap smear test in 2007, and until she was diagnosed at her next test in 2008, she didn’t experience any symptoms of cervical cancer.

cervical cancer

If you have a daughter, it is important that you talk to her about cervical cancer. Daughters should urge their mums to go for screenings as well.

This was an eye-opener for May.

After her diagnosis, she was determined to educate her daughter Wen Ning about the importance of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination (which can prevent certain HPV infections from occurring) and regular check-ups to screen for cervical cancer later on in life.

May gathered information about cervical cancer online and from her oncologist before speaking to her daughter and convincing her to get the HPV vaccination.

The great news is that after undergoing surgery to remove the cancer, May is now cancer-free.

While continuing her regular visits to her oncologist, May has also succeeded in educating Wen Ning to watch out for cervical cancer risk factors and stay smoke-free.

cervical cancer

It is very important that you go for regular Pap smears and cervical cancer screenings.

May’s story is an epiphany to all of us as well. Most of us are still unaware of the danger that is cervical cancer, or that it is preventable and curable if it is treated in the pre-cancerous stage2.

Keep reading for some important facts about cervical cancer.

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