‘She wanted to be with Carrie.’ Carrie Fisher’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, has passed away

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Just one day after the death of Carrie Fisher, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, Hollywood icon and beloved mother, has passed away.

Debbie Reynolds, iconic Hollywood star, and most of all, a loving mother, has passed away just a day after her daughter’s death.

‘She wanted to be with Carrie’

Her son, Todd Fisher, confirmed his mother’s death. According to previous reports, Reynolds was hospitalised just a day after her daughter’s death because of a medical emergency. She had suffered a stroke at her son’s home.

Todd Fisher shares with Variety magazine, “She wanted to be with Carrie.”

Her relationship with her daughter wasn’t the best

Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie’s relationship wasn’t exactly perfect. For almost a decade, they were estranged, before they finally reconciled a few years before Carrie’s untimely death.

During an interview with Oprah, she shares, “My lowest point in Carrie and my relationship was probably when we discovered that she was ill, or that she had this mental health problem, and that it was going to be with her forever. That was very hard. How is she going to get along in life? How can I help her in life? All I could do is love her, and always shall.”

“I would say that Carrie and I have finally found happiness,” she added. “I admire her strength and survival. I admire that she is alive, that she has chosen to make it. It would have been easy to give up and give in and to keep doing drugs. I always feel, as a mother does, that I protect her. I want happiness for my daughter — I want Carrie to be happy.”

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