Avoid the death of your child! Learn from these SG dads’ mistakes

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Were they being careless or plain unfortunate, we would never know. But you need to learn from their example and avoid these mistakes.

  • In the last few months, we have been reading horror stories about dads being careless around their kids. A few were lucky and the children escaped unhurt. But a few more were not so lucky. Here are a few shocking events that took place in the recent past that every parent should know about. The names are not as important as the events, so I have left them out.

These are the perfect examples of what is not to be done around children.

1# The unfortunate child who choked on milk while the dad was busy on phone

bottle fed baby

This story sent a chill down my spine. Reyhana, a three-month-old baby, drowned on milk while her father was busy with his phone. The whole setup is a disaster in making. Just five weeks before this incident, she suffered skull fracture when her dad dropped her while retrieving a fallen pacifier.

The sad part of the story is, the dad did not even realise that his daughter was not breathing. He put her down and she was later found unresponsive by someone else.

Something like this can occur to anyone. How often do we see parents in MRTs and buses with kids in tow and busy on their phones? I understand the need to connect with the world, or to pass the time during the commute, but this should be done after ensuring that the child is safe.

A few safety tips while feeding the baby

    1. Support the neck in such a way that it is not too flexed nor too extended.
    3. Keep an eye on the milk level, and adjust the bottle to avoid air from going in
    4. Understand choking cues: reddening of face, watering of eyes, poor suckle
    5. If this happens, keep the baby straight, and attempt to burp
    6. Rush to the emergency department of the nearest hospital

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