Can I tell what my baby’s sex is based on my belly?

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Is there any truth to the old wives' tale?

Can you really tell what the sex of your child is going to be based on what your pregnant belly looks like? One ParentTown user had that very same question:

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First, let’s answer Harminder’s question. Plenty of people do say that in the third trimester, if a mother’s belly is round, she is probably pregnant with a girl; if the belly is more elongated, she is pregnant with a boy.

Is there any truth to this? “This are really all old wives’ tales,” Maine T. wrote. “Mine is a girl but my stomach is sharper.”

Though it would be pretty cool if it were accurate, a “sharp” belly could just depend on how the fetus is positioned in the belly. If a baby’s back is to the mother in the womb, the belly will be more prominent. If the baby is facing her mother in the womb, the belly will look smaller and rounder.

There are a number of other old wives’ tales about predicting your baby’s gender, observing anything from your complexion to which side you choose to sleep on at night. While these are fun, the best and most accurate way to determine your baby’s sex is to get an ultrasound.

How is the sex of your baby determined? Read on to find out.

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