Guide to buying breast pumps in Singapore

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Looking for breast pumps in Singapore? We scoured the island to bring you a list of the best choices whatever your budget and purpose.

Breastfeeding is one of the best gifts a mother can give to her child, but it’s not always easy. If you find it difficult to produce plenty of milk, using a breast pump can help. If you’re planning to return to work, you will also require a breast pump so you can continue producing milk for your baby.

Figure out your needs for your breast pump

When you are looking for breast pumps in Singapore, think about the number of times you will be using it. If you plan on utilizing the pump sparingly and only during emergencies, stick to the inexpensive manual ones.

If possible choose a breast pump that’s manufactured by a trusted brand. Branded breast pumps not only function better but have reliable product support and useful warranties included. Aside from the quality, choose a breast pump that can be easily taken apart for cleaning purposes. A clean breast pump means clean, uncontaminated breast milk.

Additional questions you need to ask yourself before buying a breast pump:

1. What stage of milk production are you at?

2 . Is it for home or work? 

3. Is weight going to be an issue?

4. Do you want a single or double breast pump?

5. Any other special issues with breastfeeding? (for example an inverted nipple etc)

What’s your budget for your breast pump?

If you have done your research, you will notice that breast pumps in Singapore can cost anything from $50 for a hand pump to $1,000 over for hospital-grade pump. Before you get overwhelmed set an amount that you are comfortable with spending and don’t go over budget. More expensive does not always equate to better.

Do also keep in mind that you can always buy a breast pump after baby is born as you will be using the hospital pump after delivery.

 breast pumps in Singapore

There are many types of breast pumps in Singapore

Breast pumps in Singapore

There are essentially three types of breast pumps available in Singapore.

1. Hospital-grade 

Hospital-grade breast pumps, as the name suggests are pumps that are used in the hospital. They are more powerful than personal use pumps and are better able to extract milk from a mother’s breasts with greater efficiency and speed.  If you have to stay in hospital for longer than usual, have a preemie or your baby is in NICU, you may be required to use a hospital grade pump. You can buy or hire a hospital grade pump on a monthly basis from your hospital or online. Hospital-grade pumps used in Singapore include the Medela Symphony, Ameda Platinum and the Ardo Calypso. Hospital-grade pumps are much more expensive than personal use pumps.

2. Consumer-grade electric 

Within the consumer-grade electric breast pump category, there are single and double pumps. A double pump can pump both breasts at once, and these are often chosen by working mothers because it takes half the time of a single pump.

Electric breast pumps are favoured by working mums and mums of twins/multiples because milk extraction is effortless and fast. Although it might cost a lot more than a manual breast pump, these units compensates with its add-ons and can run on electricity or batteries.

3. Manual 

Manual pumps are ideal if you express occasionally, for the odd night out or for short periods when you are away from your baby. They tend to be very light and compact, and so easy to carry around in your bag while out and about. And of course, you do not need to worry about an electricity supply or any sound – most manual breast pumps are silent to use. Manual pumps are also substantially cheaper than electric pumps.

Only choose a manual breast pump if you have lots of time and energy to spare. Manual breast pumps tend to be slow to express milk and can get tiring after a while.You may also find that it takes some time to master the best rhythm for you.  If you have twins or multiples, choose a breast pump with more power.

Types of breastpump Use case Brands Pricing
Hospital-grade - Longer than usual stay in hospital
- Premature baby
- Baby in NICU
Medela Symphony, Ameda Platinum, Ardo Calypso. $400 - $500 per month
Consumer-grade electric - Working mums
- Frequent traveller
- Gave birth to twins
- Pumping is primary method of breastfeeding
Medela Freestyle, Spectra S1, Philips Avent Double Electric $200 - $800
Manual - Stay at home mum
- Will only pump once a day
- Extra time and energy to spare.
- A smaller budget.
Philips Avent Manual, Lansinoh Manual, Ameda One-Hand Manual with Flexishield $50 up

Brands of breast pumps in Singapore

The following are brands and breast pump models that are popular among breastfeeding mums in Singapore, (based on over 500 user feedback on our breastfeeding mums support group)

Top 3 brands for breast pumps used by Singaporean mums

  • Avent
  • Medela
  • Unimom

Other breast pump brands used by Singaporean mums

  • Ameda
  • Ardo
  • Freemies
  • Hygeia
  • Lacte
  • Pigeon
  • Spectra
  • Tommee Tippee

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