How to choose an air purifier

How to choose an air purifier

Here is a list of items that you should look out for when choosing an air purifier for your home.

The air purifier is a much needed weapon to combat the haze.

Even if all your windows and doors are shut tight, even if your air-conditioner has the most up-to-date filtration system, the air outside is perpetually seeping into your enclosed home

Kids are the most susceptible to polluted air, especially so when the small particles start accumulating on surfaces. Your energetic child would be in contact with these surfaces very often, ingesting the pollutants without you even knowing. So a word of caution to parents, make sure your house is as clean as possible and the air quality is tip top.

Best Denki Singapore has provided some guidelines to buying an air purifier. Browse through the gallery for important tips on buying an air purifier:

1. Look out for filters. Different air purifiers use different filters.

How to choose an air purifier

Mechanical filters physically sieve out fine particles. Electronic filters create ions in the air, weighing the air particles down and allowing them to fall to the ground.

The HEPA filter removes almost 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This filter is most ideal for the cleanest house.

2. Changing filters

Before you make a purchase, remember to check out where you can buy new filters so that you can replace them in future.

3. Energy consumption

Some air purifiers save more energy than others. If you are planning to have your air purifier turned on for the entire day, it would be important to check the amount of energy it uses.

4. Cost

Some air purifiers are cost-efficient because they have filters that can be washed and easily replaced. Furthermore, if you pick a purifier that performs well and is sufficient for the needs of your home, it will be more worth it than buying a really expensive one.

5. Make sure your air purifier does not produce ozone.

Some air purifiers generate ozone as a byproduct. Ground level ozone may also be problematic as it is a lung irritant.

6. Noise

How to choose an air purifier

Some air purifiers may produce noise during the process of filtering the surrounding air. If it bothers you, do remember to check the noise level in decibels before purchasing one.

Do you have other tips to share on buying an air purifier? Share you thoughts with us by commenting below!

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