The busy mum’s guide to looking good without makeup

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No time for makeup? No problem. Here are some quick tips on how you can look your bare-faced best

Let’s face it: looking effortlessly beautiful often takes some effort.

Our daily beauty regimen doesn’t have to take chunks out of our day, especially for mums whose schedules tend to fill up pretty quickly from the moment they leap out of bed in the morning.

So here are quick and easy-to-remember tips to incorporate into your daily routine to truly be bare-faced and beautiful!


Use a BB mask to tighten pores and to brighten skin in a matter of seconds. Or choose a hydrating facial wash to balance your skin’s PH like a hydrating facial wash before you dab on moisturiser!

facial wash


Choose a sheer moisturiser with light-reflecting properties. This keeps your skin hydrated and glowing!


Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser which functions as both a scrub and a face wash to save time!

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