4-year-old Singapore girl's death in Bukit Batok accident: Car driver charged

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“When I got the call, I thought my daughter was only injured. It was only after my husband and I reached the hospital that we found out she was dead."

That fateful day (9 October 2017), Mummy Jacelyn Wong had stayed back home to cook her daughter Eleanor's favourite steamed eggs for dinner. She sent her maid to pick the child from preschool instead.

But for some reason, she felt uneasy that the little one hadn't reached home yet. She waited until 8 pm, thinking that maybe there had been a train disruption.

"All mothers have a sixth sense; I felt disturbed when I was cooking."

It was then that she received the dreaded call from the hospital.

Bukit Batok accident claims 4-year-old girl's life

Eleanor and her maid had been hit by a car near Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, while they were crossing the road. They were both rushed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital. The maid suffered multiple fractures.

Heartbroken Mummy Jacelyn had told Shin Min Daily News, “When I got the call, I thought my daughter was only injured. It was only after my husband and I reached the hospital that we found out she was dead."

"I thought, ‘This can’t be real, I must be dreaming.’"

“If only I had waited for her to come home to cook it, she loves beating the eggs for me.”

Jacelyn had also appealed for eyewitnesses to come forward, to get more specific details of the fatal accident. 

Bukit Batok accident

On 22 October 2018, the 54-year-old car driver, Sai Mee Chun, was charged in court with negligent driving that caused the little girl's death.

He has been accused of failing to keep a proper lookout while driving towards Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 at 6.42pm on Oct 9, 2017. He will be back in court on 9 Nov 2018.

Always follow these road safety tips

The growing number of accidents in Singapore involving pedestrians is a warning call for us to be more vigilant about road safety.

The little ones in particular need to be drilled about road safety rules from young. Here are some basics:

  • Look for the ‘green man’ at pedestrian crossings

The child should understand that unless the ‘green man’ is on, he cannot cross the road. If the child is too young to understand that, hold his hand (and NEVER let go) while crossing the road.

  • Look right, look left, look right again while crossing the road

Even if there’s a green man, and even if it's a pedestrian crossing, it's always safer to check for cars coming in.

There are so many instances of cars being too busy to give way to pedestrians these days; the look right, left, right drill will help your child wherever he goes.

  • Do not jaywalk

Many a time we are tempted to jaywalk, to save some time.

Children learn from us, so if they see us jaywalking, chances are that they would be tempted to do it when they are on their own. One wrong move could cost lives.

  • Raise your hand when crossing the roads

Raising your hand allows motorists to be aware that someone is crossing. This is especially crucial for small kids, as they may be below the line of sight of motorists.

  • Never use your kick scooter on the road

The kick scooter is not permitted for use on the road. Even at pedestrian crossings, the LTA recommends that you dismount and push the vehicle instead.

  • Stay off the road and use footpaths and walkways wherever possible.
  • Never use your phones or other gadgets while walking on the road.
  • No playing near streets or parking areas.
  • Don’t cross at road bends

Avoid crossing at road bends because your view is temporarily obstructed. You will be unable to see the oncoming vehicles, and they can’t see you either. Always cross from an area where you have a full view of the traffic.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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