How to build a friendship into a relationship

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If you've been wondering how to build a friendship into a relationship, we know exactly how you can approach this sweet contradiction. Read on to know.

The truth is, if you’re looking for romance, the best way to start is with a friendship. It not only allows you to build up a relationship from a strong foundation, but also minimises the chance to lose a confidant if somehow the arrangement doesn’t work. Either way, the good news is that you don’t have to be a flirt or an extremely sociable person to learn how to build a friendship into a relationship.

Your unsuspecting friend already knows quite a lot about you, except that you have developed romantic feelings for him/her.

So how do you share these feelings? And how do you build a friendship into a relationship? Scroll down to know.

How to Build a Friendship into a Relationship

1. Cool it with the names, cuz

Stop calling him names. Eliminate bro, brah, dude, buddy, champ, kid, sport, cool guy, big guy, guy, and hey you from your dictionary. These are names reserved for the friend zone and you don’t want him to think that he’s a permanent resident of that zone. 

So if you want his heart racing (and yours), stop using these misleading words. Just use his first name and nothing else. 

2. Try new activities together 

You’ve probably been hanging out at arcade too long for him to realise you like him. So change up the way you spend time with each other. Go on long drives or take a trip together (just the two of you). 

No matter how much time you spend with each other, create memories that are special for just the two of you. This way, you’ll get to know each other more than before. And who knows? Sparks may fly. 

3. Dress up for your date 

Okay, so your friend has seen you makeup-free, in your PJs, being a total tomboy and whatnot. So how do you make him look at you differently? Well, try dressing differently.

Yes, at the end of the day, you are dressing up for yourself more than for anybody else. But when you do so, you are more confident, and he may see you in a different light. 

When you go out with him all dressed up, feeling confident, he will look at you differently and notice you.

4. Don’t get stuck 

The chances of you hitting it off romantically with your friend are just as good as not hitting it off with him. So it’s best to not just be stuck on him.

Date other people. This will add an element of surprise and even competition, and there is nothing wrong with some healthy competition. While you’re at it, don’t over-focus on him. 

Your friends might think that you and him would make the best couple. But does he feel the same way? Hey won’t date you because your friends think so. It’ll only happen if the chemistry is right and you’re both equally attracted to each other. 

5. Get your flirt on 

how to build a friendship into a relationship

If you genuinely like him, everything he does should already make you feel giddy. | Image courtesy: Unsplash

It might seem like you are trying to do something you’ve never done before (if you’ve always been super cool in front of him), but flirting is the one way for him to know you’re into him.

Laugh at his jokes, flick your hair back when he talks, smile at him randomly and even touch his arm casually. Of course, do not go overboard or else you might come across as fake.

But hey, if you genuinely like him, everything he does should already make you feel giddy. 

6. Ask him out already!

If you tried everything already, you have dropped enough hints for him to catch on. Now it’s time to bite the bullet and ask him out.

Now, since you’re already with him, watching a movie or playing that playstation but want to cuddle next to him, ask him the big question. You can’t go on like this forever. So stop making yourself sick and confess your love out loud.

This is certainly a crucial step in the “how to build a friendship into a relationship” process. 

7. Be patient and give him space 

Timing is key when it comes to love. It could be that your friend is currently in a relationship with somebody and you just confessed your own feelings. Notice how he reacts. 

He might end up coming to you later on. Either way, its crucial to maintain the friendship that you have, even if your proposal didn’t pan out the way you expected. Be patient and give him space. 


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Deepshikha Punj