Smart ways to detangle your kid's hair problems!

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Does your kid run screaming when she sees you with a hairbrush? Here are some great tips on how to make brushing your child's hair a stress-free experience for all involved!

Long hair looks gorgeous on little girls. But all you parents who have little Rapunzels will know that having your daughter look like a princess is one thing, but getting that long hair brushed without a fight is another matter altogether.

brushing kids hair

Long hair on little girls is gorgeous. But how do you ensure that brushing their hair is a stress-free process for all?

So how do you keep your child’s hair brushed and tangle-free without tears and tantrums? Here are some useful tips.

Braid her hair at night. 

One of the main reasons kids hate getting their hair brushed is because it hurts them when you try to brush or comb out tangles. Braiding your little girl’s hair at night before she goes to sleep will minimise tangles and make brushing easier in the morning.

Use your fingers first. 

If her hair is not too tangled, genty run your fingers through it before you use the brush/comb. This will help put her at ease and make the actual brushing less stressful.

Start at the bottom

Gently ease out any tangles or knots from the bottom of your little girl’s hair while holding on to her hair roots, and then progress to the top. This will make the whole experience relatively pain-free for your child.

brushing kids hair

Ease the stress of brushing kids hair by starting at the bottom and working your way to the top

Ditch the brush

Instead of using a brush, try a wide-toothed comb instead. This is important especially if hair is wet, as a comb will help prevent breakage. Never leave wet, uncombed hair to dry. This will just result in a bunch of tangles and knots, making brushing all the more difficult and stressful.


brushing kids hair

Minimise knots and tangles by using a conditioner, such as the Deep Conditioner by Original Sprout,  during bath time

Tease through bad tangles. 

If there is a very bad tangle or knot in your child’s hair, resist the temptation to cut it with a pair of scissors. Instead, try to ease through it by starting on the surface of the tangle with a wide-toothed comb.

You could use a detangling solution such as the Miracle Detangler by Original Sprout to help with this.

Use a good shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray

Sometimes, all you need is a great shampoo and conditioner to set the scene for smooth, tangle-free hair.

And of course, having a good detangling spray to gently ease through your child’s locks when you need a bit of extra assistance with untangling those knots is really useful too.

On the next page, find out about an exceptional range of detangling hair care products for kids…

When it comes to kids’ hair care, a dizzying array of products is available in the market.

However, many of these also contain a cocktail of chemicals and preservatives such as parabens and sulphates, which are known to be potentially cancer-causing.

Such products, then, are simply not good enough for an increasing number of Singaporean mums who want the best for their children, and who certainly don’t want to put anything containing nasty chemicals on their child’s body.

brushing kids hair

Hair care products from Original Sprout make combing and brushing your child’s hair a breeze!

Introducing Original Sprout hair care products for children

Original Sprout was created by mum Inga Tritt in 2002.

Inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya, Tritt created these products that are all effective, gentle and safe enough to even use on newborn babies, after finding a gap in safe hair care products for kids.

Original Sprout products are manufactured in the USA in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner — even the bottles and containers used by Original Sprout are BPA-free.

The good news is that this California-based family brand is now available in Singapore.

This means that you and your child can now enjoy worry-free luxury during bath-time and  you can rest assured that your child’s locks will be smooth and tangle-free with the use of Original Sprout hair care products.

What’s more, all Original Sprout products are safe and gentle enough to even use on young babies.

You will love the reasons why you should use Original Sprout hair care products on your little one. These are:

  • Free from synthetic hormone disruptors
  • Free from oestrogen disrupting ingredients
  • Free from sulphate
  • Paraben-free
  • Does not use lavender and tea tree oils, phthalates, clove or musk
  • 100% vegan; No soy, gluten, honey, peanut or dairy
  • Parfum with natural extracts
  • Environmentally responsible; bio-degradable
  • Eco-friendly and not tested on animals

They also have the solution to detangling your kid’s hair


Original Sprout

The Miracle Detangler by Original Sprout helps keep your child’s hair knot-free

Here’s the magic potion you are looking for to solve your kid’s knotty-hair problems.

The Miracle Detangler is full of organic and natural ingredients such as rosemary, calendula, cranberry and vegetable glycerin. It is free of gluten, soy and nanoparticles.

Spritz some on your child’s hair and brushing is made effortless, pain-free and most importantly, safe.

You can use it on your little one’s hair any time (wet or dry) to leave it feeling silky, soft and fresh.


Original Sprout

Original Sprout’s Natural Shampoo is free of nasty chemicals and additives, so mums have peace of mind when using it on their little ones

The organic emollients used in the formulation of Original Sprout’s sulphate-free Natural Shampoo help detangle hair and make rinsing effortless, saving time and water.

As a bonus, your child will be left with a nourished, clean scalp and soft shiny hair that is easy to comb or brush.


Original Sprout

The Deep Conditioner rehydrates your child’s hair and protects it from harsh elements like the sun and wind that may dry out the hair, making it frizzy and knotty

Some of the things that may contribute to your child’s tangled, frizzy hair are hard water, sun, wind and pollution.

Original Sprout’s Deep Conditioner negates these contributors to knotty hair by rehydrating it, transforming frizz into ringlets and fly-aways into smooth, silky locks.

All you need to do is to use it liberally on freshly shampooed hair and rinse off after a few minutes.

If you would like to learn more about Original Sprout and the kid-friendly hair care products they offer, including prices and where to purchase, follow this link.

You can also contact them here.

Got any hair detangling tips of your own? Do share them with us by leaving a comment below.

And don’t forget to also let us know if you use any Original Sprout hair care products on your little ones and what you think of the products. 

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