Breastfeeding Vogue Style – is this art or is this creepy?

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Vogue magazine has made headlines with a photograph of a model breastfeeding. In the October 2013 Dutch edition of the fashion bible, model Ymre Stiekema poses topless while nursing a baby.

This photograph of breastfeeding Vogue style has stirred a hornets nest of breastfeeding controversy as netizens debate the pros and cons of bringing high fashion and breastfeeding together.

The look that Vogue was going for is clear. They were styling the shoot to be reminiscent of Dutch master Vermeer’s paintings of everyday life. But we were less interested in the art (it is a beautiful photograph) and more on its possible impact on breastfeeding.

breastfeeding vogue

Click on page 2 to find out what a breastfeeding counsellor has to say about this photo and take our poll! 

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