Breastfeeding Vogue Style - is this art or is this creepy?

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Are you also breastfeeding Vogue style? The magazine has made headlines with a photograph of a model breastfeeding. Read on to know more.

This photograph of breastfeeding Vogue style has stirred a hornets nest of breastfeeding controversy as netizens debate the pros and cons of bringing high fashion and breastfeeding together.

The look that Vogue was going for is clear. They were reportedly styling the shoot to be reminiscent of Dutch master Vermeer’s paintings of everyday life.

Is breastfeeding Vogue style a new trend for mums? 

But we were less interested in the art (it is a beautiful photograph) and more on its possible impact on breastfeeding.

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The breastfeeding mums at theAsianparent were the first to weigh in.

“Oh my god! The baby is pulling her boob! How is that breastfeeding?!”

“No back support, how to breastfeed?”

“Mothers look at their babies when they breastfeed. Hello? Or maybe she’s watching TV? I do that sometimes too I guess.”

The consensus in our office seems to be that the shoot was aiming for a stylised shoot, where the act of breastfeeding portrayed would not appear natural.

This breastfeeding Vogue style idea is no surprise for a high fashion shoot.

They don’t usually go for the natural look right? But what about the effect of an image like this on breastfeeding? Would it make it more acceptable? Fashionable even? Is it so unreal that it merely makes a spectacle of a beautiful and natural act?

We turned to Anita Daubaras, a Childbirth Educator & Breastfeeding Counsellor, to find out what her professional take was.

#1 Latch

The baby is not latched on well, and may not be breastfeeding effectively. There seems to be some sort of ‘pull’ on the model’s nipple, likely uncomfortable for the mother.

The baby seems to be ‘nipple-feeding’ rather than breastfeeding, taking in only a small part of the areola, instead of a large amount of breast tissue filling his mouth.

#2 Position

With regards to the baby’s positioning, mothers are asked to position baby with his tummy against the mother’s tummy to breastfeed. In the picture, the baby’s tummy is away from the model’s body. The baby also seems a little ‘high’ above the model’s nipple.

Usually, the baby’s chin is tucked against the mother’s breast. The model herself seems to be artificially sitting up instead of having her back supported.

In reality, this sort of relaxed latch and positioning is sometimes common while breastfeeding an older baby.

#3 Nurture

This photo does not accurately depict the relationship between breastfeeding mother and child. The nursing relationship is usually warm, with interaction and eye-contact. Again, in reality, many of us email, use tech devices, read or eat while nursing…

So what did Anita think? Did it help or hurt the cause?

“Since this appears in Vogue, a mainstream fashion magazine, it’s kind of nice that breastfeeding is pictured as being artsy. Somewhat more thought-provoking though, is that would this photo help or hurt people’s especially everyday women’s perception of breastfeeding? Being an art-loving and fashion-magazine loving person, and yet a breastfeeding supporter, this photo is conflicted for me…”

Anita Daubaras is a Childbirth Educator & Breastfeeding Counsellor in Singapore. Anita is also Vice-President of the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore). The mother-to-mother support organization offers emotional support and education for pregnant & breastfeeding mothers & families.

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