Breastfeeding a biting baby – teething woes

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Curb the pain of breastfeeding a biting baby with some of these suggestions

Extended breastfeeding is not for all mothers. It requires a lot of determination, patience and even high pain tolerance – especially when breastfeeding a biting baby.

Because some mothers fear being bitten and being in pain, they tend to stop breastfeeding as soon as their babies show signs of teething. Other mums consider biting as a cue that their baby is ready to start weaning.

Why do babies bite?

During teething, a babies’ gum is extremely sore and swollen. Because of this, babies will consistently drool and want to chew on everything they get their hands on including their mama’s breasts or nipples. In reality, some babies do bite and even leave some indentation on the skin. But this is only to relieve the pain and discomfort that they are feeling.

Contrary to what other people think, teething babies do not bite their mother’s nipples or breast while they are actually breastfeeding. When babies are nursing and latched on properly, it is physically impossible to bite.

This is because the gums and lips are positioned just behind the nipple with the tongue between the breast and the lower teeth. Teething babies only have the chance to bite when they aren’t nursing. It is those brief moments just before and just after nursing that you need to look out for.

Other reasons why babies bite is because they are impatient and can’t wait for their mother’s milk to come out. It could also be because they finished nursing and just want to bite at something to pass the time.

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