Mums talk reality: Breastfeeding challenges and solutions

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Nobody ever said parenting was easy… and if they did, they were lying. Every choice, decision and step related to raising children comes with its challenges.

And when you are doing these things for the first time, it’s safe to say that things can sometimes get confusing, leaving first-time parents feeling low and de-moralised, if they don’t get the appropriate guidance and support.

Breastfeeding is one of those things.

With an increasing amount of focus being put on the benefits on breastfeeding by global and local health authorities such as the World Health Organisation and the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, plenty of awareness is certainly being created among new and expecting parents.

Yet breastfeeding a newborn is often not as easy as it seems, neither is continuing breastfeeding for a long period of time, unless proper support systems are in place.

It’s one thing reading about correct latching techniques, holding positions and expressing milk — easy enough.

But it’s another experience altogether dealing with sore, cracked nipples and bleeding, engorgement, a baby who struggles to latch, a baby who (you feel) is permanently attached to your breasts, mastitis, low/ over supply issues and more.

This article therefore, is for all you mums who might be facing difficulties with breastfeeding.

Here, you will read the stories of eight mums*, who, just like you, have encountered rough patches with nursing… but have persevered through it all.

While you may see similarities in their stories and your own, we hope you are encouraged to persist in your efforts, just like these mums, when you read about how they tackled the issues they faced, showing every problem really does have a solution.

breastfeeding challenges

Breastfeeding challenges: breastfeeding a newborn isn’t always easy…

1. Xiao Li

The challenge

“Sleepless night and LO keeps biting now as he is teething now but proud of how well he is now.”

The solution

“I will stop breastfeed and tell him mummy is in pain. The I will restart in a while again. If he bites again then I stop again. Now finally he behaving but still on and off when he feel the nipple in, he starts to bite!”

2. Laura Cheah

The challenge:

“The initial stage and stress when my baby would constantly latch and cry, and older generation people would say ‘it’s because you don’t have enough milk’. This is not something a new mother would like to hear, and was quite stressful initially.

The solution

“With the right knowledge and support together we can change the old mindset.

“Because of this group (an online breastfeeding support group*) and also the support of friends, plus information I gathered from reading online, I manage to pull through, and spread the correct information about what and how breastfeeding is like.”

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