Bracing yourself for ‘O’ Level results day

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The GCE ‘O’ Level results are coming out on the 11 January 2016! Regardless of your child’s results, we have some tips and advice for them regarding what their next step should be.



o level results

For many students and their parents all over Singapore, the 11 January 2016 will be a particularly important day. It could very well determine the course their life will take. The kind of school they will enter, the people they will meet, the future careers they will embark on. For many students, it all boils down to this seemingly innocuous day. If you’re wondering why this day is so special, it is because it is the day where the GCE O Levels results will be released.

It’s results time!

Students are advised to collect their results from their respective schools at 2pm. Private candidates will receive their results in the mail. Alternatively they may view their results through the Singapore Examinations and Assessments Board, from 2 pm onwards on the same day.

Important things to remember

Regardless of whether your children have done well or not, parents must keep in mind that the exam is just a placement test. Poor results do not mean you will fail in life. Likewise, excellent grades do not equate to future success. Your children have probably spent 4 to 5 years preparing for this exam so it may seem like the most important thing in the world right now. However in a few years’ time upon reflection, you will probably view the O level examinations in a very different light.

Choose wisely

There are large differences between the various tertiary educational institutes in Singapore. For most students, it would mean deciding between going to a Polytechnic or a Junior College. Help your child consider every possible factor before deciding whether a JC or polytechnic education suits them better. Most importantly, do not ruin your relationship with your child over a placement exam.

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