Born premature: Miracle baby defies odds

Born premature: Miracle baby defies odds

Premature miracle baby survives four major operations, bleeding in brain and other medical conditions!

preterm delivery Babies born prematurely are susceptible to complications

Premature baby, Kenda

Born 13 weeks early and weighing in at a delicate 1.4lbs (approximately 600 grams) in Aberdeen, Scotland, Kenda Mohamed developed severe infections and conditions after her birth. Kenda was so sick that her parents Saleh and Halima Eltbawi could not touch her for three months.

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According to Daily Mail, Doctors warned them to prepare for the worst and even advised them to put her off of life support seven times because they were certain little Kenda was not going to make it. Doctors also said that the life support was merely prolonging her life for one or two weeks.

Her parents never gave up

Kenda’s father, Saleh said, “We told them we couldn’t give up on her. That’s why we think she is a miracle, because nobody told us that she was going to make it.”

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After four major operations, bleeding in the brain, swelling that caused her to be double in size, as well as an eye disease which nearly blinded her, Kenda finally made progress and started to recover. After seeing this change, Kenda’s parents refused to give up hope on her and started to call her their miracle baby.

baby in hospital Premature miracle baby survives four major operations, bleeding in brain and other medical conditions!

Defying the odds

The odds for little Kenda’s survival were so slim that they thought it was a 10 percent chance she would make it. Doctors were honest with their opinions and told her parents of the harsh realities that they were most likely going to face. Nevertheless, Kenda overcame several near death situations. She is now a nine-month-old miracle baby, and her parents are hoping she will be able to walk and talk, and lead an independent life in future.

Saleh said, “The progress she made is quite remarkable.” A miracle baby, indeed!

Premature birth

According to World Health Organisation, it is estimated that around 15 million babies worldwide are born prematurely every year (or before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy), and an estimated 1 million premature babies die of birth complications. Preterm death is the leading cause of newborn deaths. And many who survive suffer lifetime disabilities and other medical problems.

Why do premature births happen?

Various reasons could lead to premature births. Baby Centre listed some common causes, which include multiple pregnancies, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic diseases, etc. More often than not, the causes of preterm births cannot be identified.

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A pregnant woman not taking care of herself well, such as undernourishment, trauma, smoking etc, may increase the risks of her giving birth prematurely as well. Sometimes the fetus doesn't grow as well as it should in the uterus. There are also other instances when the fetus might have some abnormalities, which induces an early delivery.

Going into premature labour

The first thing you should do when going into premature labour is to call your gynaecologist as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure whether you are in labour, it is always wise to consult your doctor should anything feel amiss.

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Watch this video to determine premature labour symptoms:

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Developmental Milestones in Premature babies

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