Boobs for babies: Breastfeeding mums unite for sit-in

These mums stood up for their right to breastfeed publicly!

Luci White was recently breastfeeding her baby at a mall in Australia when a staff member of the food court asked her to leave. She was told that if she wished to feed her baby, that she would need to proceed to a special feeding room found in an other part of the mall. Obviously, White felt nothing but frustration and outrage by the mistreatment so she and her friend, Samantha Purden, took to social media to share her story.

In a post shared via Facebook, Purden wrote:

“I am absolutely disgusted and appalled that a young mum friend of mine was just asked by staff at the marketplace to move to a feeding room because some people made a complaint about her feeding in the food court. If I were still breastfeeding I’d be marching down there to do it right now! I think there needs to be a mass breastfeeding session in that food court to educate the neanderthals out there that no one has the right to tell a mum where to feed her child.”

The post caught the attention of mums in Australia and all across the world! The result was a loyal Facebook following and an event group called Boobs for Babies.

Their plan was to stage a sit-in at the Bendigo Marketplace, the mall in which White was inconvenienced. They feel as thought it’s every mother’s right to breastfeed where ever she deem it fit, and millions agree.

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Source: ABC NEWS/Larissa Romensky

Among the myriad of faithful supporters for Boobs for Babies’ amazing cause is Michelle Van Zyl. Michelle helped organize the Facebook group and the sit-in event. In a post on the group’s Facebook page, Michelle wrote:

“Boobs for babies is a mass breastfeeding protest in support of mums having the freedom to feed their babies (be it breast or bottle) whenever and wherever they need to and not be shamed or humiliated for doing so!!! It’s to show support for this one young mum, and every other mum who has ever been told what she’s doing is wrong. It’s perfectly legal, we’re not breaking any laws for feeding our babies and we shouldn’t be made to feel like we are.”

Mothers everywhere should always have the right to breastfeed wherever they want. Establishments all across the globe are working to ensure that mums feel as though they are not restricted when it comes to breastfeeding. It’s terrible to see that there are still public places that frown upon a mother feeding her child, but powerful movements and activism like this truly makes an impact on society.

In the end, the sit-in was a resounding success and the Bendigo Marketplace has since enforced an understanding with its’ staff to ensure that mums are able to breastfeed without being hassled or alienated. Way to go, mums!

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