Blind Singapore girl given free ride by kind Grab driver

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"I hope people will continue to show kindness to those around us who need extra attention..."

There is still good left in this world. A blind girl in Singapore was given a free ride back home by a kind Grab driver. He insisted that he "was on the same way."

Kind driver gives free ride to blind girl in Singapore

Mummy Mary Lim posted about this kind and selfless act on Facebook. Her daughter Adelyn suffers from a rare congenital eye disease called Peters Anomaly.

Mary writes, "A kind driver who refused to keep the fare!"

Apparently, Mary usually picks her daughter from school, but on that day, her school ended early.

"I was working that day so I was unable to pick her up in time so I booked a Grab for her to come home", she told Stomp.

She messaged the driver, and told him that Adelyn was visually impaired, and to give her a call when he arrived.

Deep down Mary was worried if the driver would get irritated by her requests.

"I was worried that he might cancel the booking due to my troublesome requests to call and look out for her when he arrived..."

But, the driver's attitude was a pleasant surprise.

"The driver was very helpful. He personally stepped up to Adelyn and guided her into the car."

"And further to my surprise, he took out from his own pocket gave Adelyn cash of $14 (I paid via grabpay), and insisted Adelyn to keep it, as he was "on the same way", so no charges!"

"Thank you for your kindness towards Adelyn & sent her back safely."

The day also happened to be Adelyn's birthday, and she was touched by the kind act of a stranger. 

"Another incident to make us feel that our society still has kind souls willing to go the extra mile regardless of who we are. I believe there are still many more kind souls around us."

"I hope people will continue to show kindness to those around us who need extra attention. Together we can build a warm and safe environment for everyone", Mary tells Stomp.

Indeed, together we can.

Here is Mary's full post on Facebook.

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