The Reason Why Babies Are More Likely to Be Born at Night

The Reason Why Babies Are More Likely to Be Born at Night

A new study has discovered why more babies are born at night compared to daytime. Make sure to consider this for your birth plan, mums!

Have you ever wondered why a lot of babies are born at night? Just ask any mum who went through a natural birth, and, chances are, they gave birth in the dead of night. Somehow, even for mums who made a birth plan well in advance, their babies always want to be born at night. Why does this happen? And how can you adjust your birth plan to prepare for this?

A recent study, conducted by City, University of London, has shed some light on why babies are often born at night.

Why Are Babies More Likely to Be Born at Night?

The researchers shared that there are a number of factors that can influence the time of birth. These include when labour starts, if the labour is induced, as well as pre-planned caesarean sections.

However, they found that when it comes to natural births, more mums gave birth at night compared to in the afternoon or in the daytime.

The researchers theorised that the reason why more mums give birth at night might actually be because of human evolution.

They shared that our ancestors were usually active in the day, and rested together at night. This meant that mothers were more vulnerable during the daytime while they were away from shelter. But they were safer at night, when they rested together with other people. Eventually, humans evolved to give birth later at night when it was deemed much safer.

They added that births occur usually between 1 a.m. and 6:59 a.m. and that the peak time of births is usually around 4:00 a.m.

Hopefully with this information, mums will be better equipped to know what’s the best time for their birth.

What Is a Birth Plan?

birth plan

Preparing a birth plan in advance can make giving birth less of a hassle!

In a nutshell, a birth plan is a comprehensive list of your preferences during labour and delivery. These include being given pain medication, choosing between a C-section or a natural birth, inducing your labour, etc.

Making a birth plan is important since it prepare you for the big day. A birth plan also facilitates a smoother birth easier since the doctors will be aware of your preferences.

Here are some things to remember when making a birth plan:

  • Write down your name, contact information, doctor, where you want to give birth, and who you want to be with you.
  • Make a list of things that would help you be comfortable. These include dimming the lights, if you want music to be played, or even if you want someone taking a video of your birth.
  • Write down your labour preferences. Do you want to use a birthing stool, a ball or a chair? 
  • Do you want pain medication? It’s very important to write this down since it’s your call if you want an epidural or not.
  • Delivery preferences are also important. Do you want to give birth vaginally, or through a C-Section?
  • If you want to breastfeed right after birth, it’s also a good idea to write that down.
  • Print out several copies of your birth plan and give them to your doctor, to the hospital, and anyone who will be with you during your birth.
  • Make sure to prepare a birth plan well in advance, and go through it with your doctor and your husband.

Source: City, University Of London

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