Bioré UV Mild Milk for Children

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Biore UV Mild Milk for Children is effective, safe, and comfortable to wear. Perfect for a family of adults and kids!

Ever since I was little, my mother has been very particular about us using sunscreen whenever we take part in any outdoor activities. As I grew older though, a part of me got lazy and started to do away with it from my skincare routine.

People around me have constantly been reminding me to use sunscreen. My husband, especially, is my numero uno prompter in getting me to slap on the sunscreen, and even he has given up on me ever paying heed to his words.

Then, the children came along.

I started to be more aware of the damage the sun can do to our skin. Given our children’s delicate and soft skin, the damage will definitely be worse!

It also doesn’t help that we live on a tropical island where it is practically summer all year round. Add to that fact that we are a family who enjoy the great outdoors.

I really do not like the idea of either sacrificing our family outdoor time, or doing damage to my children’s skin.

Biore UV Mild Milk

Ever since I made up my mind to make it a habit to apply sunscreen for the children to my best abilities (there are still days where I forget), we have been going through bottles after bottles of sunscreen made for children, constantly on a lookout for new brands to try.

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