Are you ready for an Arctic Adventure this December?

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Get ready to experience your first snowfall and gear up for an Arctic Christmas adventure at the newly revamped Snow City. Read to find out more…

Do you want your kids to experience snowfall, but cannot get out of Singapore this December?

Here is a chance for you to give your kids an authentic winter experience – complete with snowfall and icy blizzards! So don your thick jackets and sturdy boots and head on over to the newly revamped Snow City for a chilling and thrilling Arctic Adventure this holiday season.

The amazing team at Snow City has a host of new attractions and adventures with snow so real that it will make you believe that your are actually at the North Pole!


The adorable mascots of the Arctic Adventure at Snow City. From left: Koko the Fox, Nooka the Polar Bear, Oki the Inuit Boy, Ila the Husky and Suki the Magical Snowy Owl.

Meet the Mascots!

There are five wonderful mascots to guide your kids through their adventures, while helping them learn about the people and animals of the Arctic region.

The Mascots are: Oki the Inuit Boy who loves to fish and hunt; Ila the Husky who helps the Inuit community in transportation of supplies; Nooka the Polar Bear who is strong, determined and is always watching, learning and waiting; Koko the Fox who is one of the smartest and strongest animals living in the freezing Arctic; and Suki the Magical Snowy Owl who has great eyesight and is active 24-hours a day.

Become and Arctic Avenger

Once you have met the mascots you are ready to become an Arctic Avenger. Join Oki and his companions on the incredible journey across the different arctic zones. Here is what awaits you:

Zone 1: Arctic Snow Playground – Explore the Arctic Circle

The kids get a glimpse into the Inuit way of life, and learn how global warming threatens their fragile lifestyle and ecosystem. The life-sized snow sculptures of the mascots in a magical winter wonderland are not-to-be-missed.

snow city Singapore

The whole family can enjoy the Arctic Adventure together!

Zone 2: Snow Field – Where the fun never ends 

Kids get to go on an egg whirl ride, and get comfortable at Suki’s giant nest for a magical story telling session while learning about the Aurora Borealis phenomena. And, this is where they get a chance to be treated to a one of a kind snow blizzard experience.

Zone 3: Traditional Inuit’s Home @ the Mezzanine – Live like an Inuit

With its cool Inuit igloo home and a chance to go ice fishing, this Zone promises to be a favourite with the kids. This is where they can dive into a massive mound of snow, sit on a sleigh pulled by Ila the trusty husky and his team and experience the magic of snowfall!

Snow City Singapore

Don’t miss the chance to go on a sleigh ride!

Zone 4: Arctic Snow Slide – For brave winter warriors only

This is where the kids get to experience a thrilling ride down Snow City’s famous 60-metre long and 3-storey high snow slope. By far the biggest hit with the kids!

Zone 5: Shaman’s Souvenir Shop

Stock up on unique Arctic souvenirs at the Shaman’s magical shop — a little something to remind the kids of their Arctic Adventure.

Zone 6: Arctic Exhibition – Arctic Avengers unite! (Opening mid-December)

All kids must visit this exhibition and learn how climate change is affecting life in the North Pole and what they (little Arctic Avengers) can do to help.

Want to know what’s on when during the school holiday at Snow City? Click on page 2 to find out…

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