Discover the best way to guide your school-age children to success through this intelligence test

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One scientific theory reveals that there is more to intelligence than school grades and, based on this research, a unique intelligence test for school-age kids is now available to help you guide your child to succeed!

My husband and I can both be considered Type A’s. He’s more competitive whereas I’m more of a perfectionist. We were particularly thrilled when we heard our 2-year-old singing the Pokémon theme song, which starts with, “I wanna be the best there ever was!”

When our firstborn, who is now 4 years old was born, we even created a document that listed down all the skills we wanted her to learn and ranked them in order of priority. If there was an intelligence test that babies could take, we probably would have let her take it!

All of us parents just want our children to succeed and be happy.

Regardless of parenting style, all of us parents just want our children to succeed and be happy. That is the main driver behind many of our parenting decisions such as what to feed them, how to discipline them and what skills we want them to develop.

Before we can make these decisions, it is equally important to acknowledge that each child has unique strengths and interests. What may be the best approach for a strong-willed child will not necessarily work on a soft-spoken introvert. Taking it further, our definition of success may be very different from what our children want for themselves.

Plus, at the rate our world is changing, who knows what kinds of jobs will be available in the future? Even traditional professions in law, accountancy and medicine are most likely to evolve. The skills that are rewarded in schools today may not anymore cut it by the time our children graduate.

So, what’s the best way to prepare them for an unknown future? Read the next page to find out.

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