Best techniques to teach your child to read

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Struggling to teach your child to read? We share some of the best techniques to not only get your child to read but enjoy every moment of the process.

teach your child to read

Check out some of the best techniques to teach your child to read

Reading is a great way to learn, discover new worlds and expand your imagination, yet some kids get turned off by books because they are unable to get the hang of letters and reading. Ease the frustrations and anxieties that your children might feel by trying out these techniques to teach your child to read.

Stop going goo goo ga ga

Speaking is an important part of language learning. That is why it is so important to speak to your child normally. It doesn’t do them any favours if you continually communicate with them in baby talk. Your tone should vary from high to low and take on an animated quality, but your words when talking or reading to them should still be articulated clearly.

Mirror, mirror

Remember that while a child might not always listen to us, their eyes are always watching. So always set a good example by picking up a book or the newspaper to read instead of reaching for the TV remote after work. When you exhibit a love for reading it might encourage them to pick up the habit as well for they are curious why their parents are so interested in things called books.

teach your child to read

Find out why spelling out sounds is so important in the process of teaching your child to read

Spell that sound

Kids usually recognise sounds before recognising shapes and letters, that is why it is so important to simultaneously sound it out when your kids are spelling out a word. For example, the word bear would be sounded out as ‘bbbb, eeer, arrrr’. If your child is starting out, remember to take it easy and use simpler words such as chair, brown and staying. It doesn’t matter if he or she spells the word incorrectly, for example beare for bear or chair for chare. The reality is that these letter combinations sound similar and can be confusing for a new learner. Yet, you should always commend your child for remembering the sounds these words make as you correct their spelling.

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