18 unforgettable heartwarming moments from the Royal Wedding

18 unforgettable heartwarming moments from the Royal Wedding

After much anticipation, the royal wedding did not disappoint! Ahead, we've gathered the sweetest moments from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's picture-perfect wedding.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning on the 19th of May as guests started arriving at the historic St. George’s chapel on the Windsor castle grounds. Around the chapel, over a thousand members of the public were given the privilege to witness the much-anticipated royal nuptials.

Across the world, in different time zones, millions tuned in on various platforms as Prince Harry, 33, wed Meghan Markle, 36, an American actress, six months after they announced their engagement.

Though the wedding was no doubt an auspicious moment in history, there was charm and simplicity in the beautiful, intimate ceremony. 

Though the stunning couple were named Duke and Duchess of Sussex as soon as the ceremony concluded, it was, at its heart, just two people coming together, promising each other forever.

18 Best Royal Romantic Wedding Images That Won Our Hearts

1. Meghan Riding to the Chapel with Mum Doria Ragland

Meghan Markle rode to the chapel with loving mum Doria in a vintage Rolls-Royce. As the camera zoomed in on the veiled bride, her tiara glinted as she peeked out the window. They happily waved to the crowd as they made their way to the church.

The glowing bride paid homage to her new royal family by wearing the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau, bought by Queen Mary in 1925.

best royal romantic wedding images

Image courtesy: King 5 News Twitter


2. Harry and William Walking Together

The royal brothers walked side by side to the chapel in similar military regalia. Both Prince Harry and his best man, his brother William were beaming as they sat together in the chapel, awaiting Harry’s bride, chatting every now and then. We’re sure Princess Diana would be proud of her two sons!

3. Flower Girls and Page Boys Arriving with Their Mums

One of the most adorable moments of the royal wedding was when the young bridesmaids and page boys arrived at the chapel… with their mummies! 

The six young bridesmaids were Princess Charlotte, Prince Harry’s goddaughters Zalie Warren and Florence van Cutsem, Meghan’s goddaughters Rylan and Remi Litt, and Ivy Mulroney, the daughter of Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney. 

The four page boys were Prince George, Prince Harry’s godson Jasper Dyer, Brian Mulroney and John Mulroney. The sons of Meghan’s best friend Jessica Mulroney, have also been selected to be page boys during the historic occasion.

4. When We Got the First Glimpse of the Bride and Her Beautiful Dress!

Wearing a simple, gorgeous, sculptural dress created by British designer Clare Waight Keller for French couture giant Givenchy, Meghan looked effortlessly regal.

Draped over her elegant tiara and gorgeous, centre-parted updo was a sweeping 16-foot cathedral veil. She was the epitome of minimalist sophistication. 

5. The Super Excited Page Boy Who Was All of Us

What was most heartwarming about her arrival was how the crowds cheered for her as wedding bells were rung overhead.

But the face that stood out the most during the bride’s arrival was the overjoyed page boy tasked with carrying the gown’s long train. The little boy just couldn’t hide his excitement as the royal bride prepared to walk down the aisle! 

6. Prince Charles Walking His New Daughter-In-Law (Halfway) Down the Aisle

Though she walked most of the way alone — a perfect move for the modern, empowered woman — Prince Charles walked with her halfway down the aisle. This touching gesture showed just how much he welcomed his new daughter-in-law into the royal family. Even if Meghan’s dad couldn’t make it due to health reasons, her father-in-law was there for her on the momentous occasion.

7. When Meghan Carried a Simple Bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots, Princess Diana’s Favourite Flower 

In keeping with her simple, sophisticated style, Meghan carried a minimal bouquet of blooms. But it was made all the more special because they were made up of flowers Harry picked himself as well as Princess Diana’s favourite flower — forget-me-nots.

8. Prince Harry Saying Something Super Sweet When Meghan Arrived at the Altar

I couldn’t hear what prince Harry was saying as he welcomed his bride at the altar, but his beaming face said it all. After a second viewing, and a bit of lip reading, I found out that he said “You look amazing,” as Meghan seemed to giggle. Too precious!

9. The Way Harry Caressed Meghan’s Hand as They Listened to the Sermon About Love 

The whole ceremony was relaxed and full of love. Even their little gestures showed how genuine and comfortable they are around one another.

They were hand in hand for most of the ceremony, and one of the most romantic moments was when Harry took her hand and lovingly caressed her thumb, like the world wasn’t watching, and it was just the two of them. 

best royal romantic wedding images

Screenshot: Daily Mail UK video

10. The Way They Said Their Vows with so much Love (and even Humour!)

They didn’t write their own vows, but this didn’t make it any less meaningful. They locked eyes as they said them, so sure that they were where they were meant to be.

The charmingly candid couple even showed off their sense of humour (and so did their guests!). When they got to the part where Harry was asked if he vowed to be faithful, the congregation erupted in laughter, possibly making fun of the former “party boy.” 

11. The Moment a Gospel Choir Sang ‘Stand By Me’

Infusing some modernity into Royal wedding traditions, which was theme throughout the ceremony, Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir sang a popular contemporary song midway through the service.

The rousing performance was a truly romantic and intimate moment that was one of the ceremony’s highlights.

12. Princess Charlotte Waving to the Crowds as a Dutiful Bridesmaid

The little princess looked absolutely darling in her white dress and garland crown! Though she’s still a toddler, she’s taking to life in the public eye quite adorably, not shying away from crowds, but engaging with them.

13. How Caring Prince Charles Was to Meghan’s Mum Doria

When the newlyweds went in to sign the wedding register, both parents — Meghan’s mum Doria and Prince Harry’s dad Prince Charles — had to accompany them. As they proceeded to do the signing, Charles took Doria’s hand.

It was just a brief, affectionate moment, but it truly was special to watch. 


14. The Way the Crowd Cheered as They Emerged

As the royal newlyweds exited the church, how the crowd erupted in cheers and applause was truly heartwarming!

15. The First Kiss! 

They didn’t kiss during the ceremony, but they delighted well-wishers as they shared their first kiss as a couple under the chapel’s doorway that was adorned by beautiful blooms, including peonies, Meghan’s favourite flower.

16. When They Boarded the Carriage Together as Husband and Wife 

Much like a fairy tale happy ending, the royal newlyweds boarded a horse-drawn open-top Ascot Landaus carriage that was to be driven along the streets of Windsor, where thousands of well-wishers gathered to see them. Some had even camped for days to get a glimpse of the lovely couple.

17. How the Royal Family Happily Waved Them Off

Despite the many challenges they faced and even controversy, there was nothing but love for the pair on their big day! It might have been overwhelming, but the wedding went off without a hitch.

Queen Elizabeth, who looked adorable in a lime and purple ensemble, appeared truly pleased. After all, it was thanks to her blessing six months ago, and handwritten consent, that the two got their happily ever after!

18. How They Held Hands on the Horse-Drawn Carriage…

Just the simple way they glanced at one another, as if they wanted to savour the moment they had long been waiting for, was truly romantic.

Despite millions of eyes on them, both appeared relaxed and just blissfully in love. They soaked in all the love from everyone who had come to see them and rarely let go of each other’s hands.

…And They kissed Again!

Giving the adoring public what they wanted, the newlyweds kissed again while in the carriage!

As they headed to their wedding reception, one could only be amazed at how much of a fairy tale the ceremony was.

It was truly a happy ending, made even more special by the fact that, for Harry and Meghan, it’s only just the beginning.

A royal congratulations and best wishes to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

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